More Nails..tri color Nails

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Im really not that artistic when it comes to nail painting...but i guess theres always an exemption..i like how i did my nails this time..

i used 4 nail polish..Wet n wild as a base nyc(the bronze one) and Opi TSMGO 

i used my makeup sponge to apply them hehe.

natural lighting

so just want to share that one,try it ladies super cool 3 tone nails.

thanks for visiting hugs!

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OPI Nail polish in The SHow Must Go On..(Happy)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
You all know how kikay i am..thats just one of the many reasons i enjoy my feminine life..When Mac VV collection was released i was not able to buy their VV nail polish in bad fairy which ive been searching for like 2 weeks...and when i saw Sol's post on her nail polishes i instantly clicked it hoping that she sells bad fairy...and as ive expected...i was wrong i opted for something thats almost as pretty as Bad Fairy..

Bought this from Sol at a bazaar,though i was not the one who bought this in person..hehe,glad that pearl,another nail junkie texted me.

here it is without flash..micro glitters,i really dont know what to call them hehe..on the bottle they have a very evident duo chrome sheen.

TSMGO One coat

2 coats..the shade on this angle is a bit red-ish with a bit of pink 

on this angle it looks bronzy-ish

more shots of OPI TSMGO on different angle..(daylight)


so thats it,my very first OPI nail polish...and im loving it!
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Loreal Paris Black Foam facial Wash and White Perfect Moisturizing Day Cream

Saturday, November 20, 2010
So look what i just got...Loreal's Men expert Charcoal Black Foam Facial Wash and Loreal white perfect day Cream..

they were housed inside a very classy gold paper box..

heres a little info on white perfect:

and black foam..
mr R started using this one a few days ago..and he is liking the product so well..He told me he likes how clean his face feels after every wash..and how it washes oils and makes his blackheads much easier to extract..

anyway if you havent seen their contest regarding this two yet,here it is again with some additional reminders from them..
campaign will be extended till 1st week of december

Just some reminders for the contests:
-          Don’t forget to tag their facebook pages to maximize exposure of your entries
-          Please post the following URL’s to your entries and features =)

for my previous post bout this:
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Product Swatch:Guerlain KissKiss Stick Gloss in Berry Pink 963

Thursday, November 18, 2010
i never knew that id have tons of lip products,since im really not a lip person,but hey,i thought,that on most days,im not wearing face makeup,and all i have on is my lipstick..and then im here is
one of the lip stuff that im recently loving!

(upside down photo=D)
A long lasting, ultra shine lip stick Provides vibrant colors Sensual texture for comfortable wear Makes lips feel smooth, soft & supple Lips look fuller and amp; more seductive

i always adore makeups with elegant and classy packaging,and guerlain is definitely one of them..

shade is in berry pink 963,i think they have 3 more shades..but do correct me if im wrong...

here is the stick gloss...pretty pinkish shade right?

and since this is still just a gloss,it doesnt give me the same pigmented finish as my lipsticks.

with Flash..sorry for the sweats upper lips =D

 love it cause it doesnt dry out my lips plus the shades subtle enough for everyday wear =D
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Product Review:Mac Hello Kitty Pink Fish

Monday, November 15, 2010
Ive been keeping and using this since i got i think to be fair to this cutesy patootsy item,it has to get its own post..=D

Mac Hello Kitty Lip Conditioner..isnt it cute??
Price:php 850-900(forgot the price...)

shade is Pinkfish they also have Popster which leans on Coral-y side



on my lips..single terms of moisturizing ill rate this one 3.5 out of 5(5 being the highest)..its not as moisturizing as i expect it to be.

Cute Hello Kitty Packaging!(haha i know =p)
Nice soft shade
Love the Vanilla Smell
Generous amount
 Moisturizing factor is average

Comes on a tub so its a bit unhygienic
looks a bit off on me if i over applied it
for a lip conditioner its quite pricey

so thats it ladies thanks for visiting and pls do include me in your prayers even for a see the reason that ive been busy is that im taking my review for the nursing boards.=D..cause i believe that prayers will get you anywhere...of course lets not put aside the hard work,perseverations,and other stuff to help our self..=D good day ladies mwuah
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Product Review: Hera HD Liquid Foundation

Saturday, November 13, 2010
hello guys!! darn it felt like century since i last opened my blogger account and write a review about something!!lol..anyway last week i made a post on some of my liquid foundations and i know a few of you might be a bit curious about this foundation..soo lets dig in if this is a keeper or not

Hera HD Foundation.
Price:php 1700.00
(not locally available,but you may want to look for some resellers)

 shade no.23..they have 3 shades if im not mistaken..13,21 and 23

heres what the foundation looks like unblended..its not as thick as revlon but not that fluidy either.

 bare skin..see those pimple marks...stress stress stress..

 with hera foundation on..not fully blended..

and here it is all cozy on my skin....a semi matte finish--with medium coverage..i would still choose Shiseido Maquillage UV lasting liquid foundation over Hera in terms of Coverage and other stuff.

 with blush and mattifying powder on

 see how it perfectly fits my skin..i think this will actually fit nc 30-35 skintones...i applied Kryolan anti shine so it kinda brightens the whole look.

  • Nice packaging
  • Comes on a Pump
  • Shade fits me
  • Didnt Broke me out
  • Medium to full coverage
  • semi matte finish
  • looks natural if blended evenly
  • doesnt feel heavy

  • it has a smell that might be too strong for those with sensitive nose,my nose isnt sensitive at all,i just dont like it when they incorporate artificial scents on foundations(flower-y)
  •  Didnt last that long on my Oily Skin(have to use MUFE hd primer plus kryolan setting powder Combo to make it last)
  • Not locally available
  • Quite pricey.
  •  the bottle looks classy,but its opaque,that kinda hinders me to see how much product is left.
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Review:Kryolan Derma Color Fixing Powder

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Waterproofs, sets and mattes Camouflage Cream
the tub is big!you may share it with your friend since i bet you wont be able to finish this yourself

Available Shades:(photo courtesy of

yeap!its white hehe.i have it in translucent.the good thing about this one is that its WATERPROOF!..okay i know what some of you are thinking..a waterproof powder??No it doesn't mean that its Swimming Proof..well haven't tried jumping into the pool with it though.But it did manage to withstand my Sweaty and oily face.=D,plus it mattifies my face quite well.

the powder is finely milled,compared to Kryolan anti shine the powder particles of dermacolor is finer.

when Blended..though its transluscent if not blended well it will leave an unnoticeable whitish cast...look closely and youll see  lower area looks a bit brighter/whiter than the upper part.

on my skin..

be sure to blend it well,so that you wont have an uneven neck and face color =D

with blush and lipstick.=D now im all ready to go on a humid day,with a sweat proof powder on.!
sometimes i prefer putting it first before my blush,but often times this is my last step on water proofing my makeup.

  • Comes in a very huge Tub(30 and 60g)
  • A little Goes a Long way
  • Wide Shade range
  • Locally Available
  • For its size its quite affordable
  • Holds makeup longer than my Smashbox primer and Model Co
  • Truly it is sweat proof.


  • if not blended well it will give you a whitish cast(transluscent),but still they have different shades for you skintone.

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Liquid/Cream Foundations that i Personally use

Thursday, November 04, 2010
hello people!!just want to share some of the foundations that i personally use...wasnt able to add my 4 remaining foundations since they wont fit nicely on my camera hehe.

here they are from left to right
Shu Uemura Nobara cream foundation/
Loreal Hip
Missha BB cream
Hera HD Foundation
/Loreal True Match(2)(click link for review)
Revlon Photo Read(2)
Revlon Colorstay/

if you want to know more about any of these products just let me know and ill gladly make a seperate post about them for you..
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Mac Browset in Beguile

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
MAC Brow Set is a unique tinted brow gel that grooms and sets brows (or other facial hair) in place while adding some shine and subtle color.  The formula lasts a long time with no flaking, and really holds brows in place.

Beguile (a pale brown with a gray undertone)
Girl Boy (a pale brown like Beguile, but with a more red/pink undertone)
Show-Off (a darker, combined version of Beguile and Girl Boy)

swatch..just like girlboy it has micro shimmer.

a soft eyebrow makeup using blonde shade of in2it and mac beguile brow set.i dont have think brows and theyre not that thick either ,so if i want to give my face a very soft look i use the lightest shade of in2it's brow powder paired with mac browsets.

heres my bare eyebrows again...yeah it looks better now,compared to my last mac brow set review(girlboy) hehe.
my brows with mac beguile and in2it brow powder

some doesnt like that it has shimmers on it,but from afar its really not that noticeable on me.I tried this on my friend who have thick brows and it suits her,without any brow powder on,it tamed and softened her brows which made her gaga over brow sets.hehe

Close up on how it looks like on my does have bits of shimmers,but thats not a bad thing for me since its not that noticeable when i  brush it off with a spoolie.i always use a seperate spoolie rather than using the spoolie from the browset..

see what i mean..shimmers not that noticeable...on this photo i used a darker shade of brow powder

just be sure to not overload the product on your brows,cause it'll look too odd and off.

  • Effective in taming strayed brows plus gives you a soft looking brows
  • Beguile is a bit darker than girlboy,and it gives off more color on my brows.
  • One tube will last you a long time
  • Can be used as a Mascara
  • Doesnt Flake

  • It has this weird smell..that i cant explain
the Spoolie of the mac brow set holds a lot of product when you pull it out and when i tried to use it on my brows it kinda stained the skin outside my brows,it dries kinda fast so i had to wipe it with a makeup remover,to AVOID product overload on your brows try using another SPOOLIE..DONT dip it inside the bottle..You just have to brush the Mac browset's Spoolie on your Clean/Spare Spoolie until you get your desired amount then use that on your brows,that way you'll save more product plus its hygienic and you'll avoid staining
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