Product Review:Shiseido Maquillage Lasting UV liquid foundation

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Price: $ 76.00
A smooth, lightweight liquid foundation that keeps skin hydrated while concealing pores and roughness to reveal a smooth, more luminous complexion for 8 hours. 
me wearing Shiseido lasting UV foundation.. without any setting powder

(Photo courtest of mymakeupreviews*)

the pump,i love how the pump works its a single pump is enough to cover my whole face.

The packaging is really neat!!though you have to buy this seperately on your first purchase,they have refills btw..hehe,like most shiseido foundation.

close up,with powder a blush.see how nice it looks on my skin..

what i like about this is that it doesn't look heavy,but still the coverage is amazing,remember when i said that im not into foundations with heavy coverage..well this is an exception the only reason that i really dont use full coverage foundation is that because they feel so heavy on my skin,plus the fact that people do notice that im wearing makeup cause of the obvious heaviness on the foundation

  • medium-heavy coverage
  • feels Light weight
  • nice shade selection
  • perfectly fits asian skin
  • cute,classy packaging
  • hygienic pump
  • Staying power is average(but with Kryolans dermacolor powder it lasts me up to 8 -9 hours)

  • not locally available
  • quite expensive
  • Packaging is sold seperately from the foundation it self for the first purchase.

happy to be able to do a review again,anyways have to go to class hugs

12 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Charming Vanity said...

U have such nice skin. V lovely foundation.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Great review! I love how your skin looks, looking lovely as always.

Ged said...

you have perfect skin.. you don't need a foundation.. :)

anyways, it's quite expensive but it looks good :)

Laarni said...

Thanks for the review! I think you got the perfect shade. :D And hey, why not wax your hair in your upper lip? It looks so obvious on your photos I bet you will look better without it.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

charming vanity thanks dear,you too ^_^

Mrs zeus-my skin is not perfect but im happy far hehe.

ged-noo,dont have perfect skin dear,but i rarely use foundations,since i dont have any special event to attend to most of the time hgehe

laarni-hehe youre nth reader who asked me that,hmm i just dont feel like waxing it..but ill think about it..hehe

Pammy said...

Shiseido products are really nice! Made your already good skin look even better. :P

I won't ask you to try waxing the hairs on your upper lip as when I tried, I couldn't bring myself to pull the wax off. Drove me to tears. Haha! :P

Camille(SHOBE) said...

yeah they are noh pam,hehe LOL @ the wazing actually thats the main reason why di ko ginagawa hehe

Anonymous said...

hi ms camille@@

i really really like the style of your makeup.. hehehe
curious lng where did you buy the shiseido ??? how much din...

Anonymous said...

Sharon said...

hello can i ask which shade are you using? thanks x

Camille(SHOBE) said...

its not locally available dear i tried asking the shiseido sa's dati maquillage daw is not on their market.


Jazz said...

Can u show the "before" photo?

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