New HairCut Something Short For a change

Friday, October 08, 2010

happy to be able to blog today!! yey!so im here to show you guys my new cut!..ive been so busy and a bit physically stressed out lately,so i decided to get a new cut for a change..

Bench Salon.

since i was bit hesitant to cut my hair too short i opted for an asymmetrical bob.
but still my stylist cut it shorter than what i expected.

now i dont have to brush my hair that much haha.

thats it for me..
have a nice day ladies.hugs

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Pammy said...

Shobs, FOTD with the new hair! :P

DeBi said...

Ive been wanting a haircut since last month but i cant find time....
your hair's pretty by the way

Mrs. Kolca said...

nice new hair sis.. wish i can sport a hair again but hubby doesnt permit me cutting my hair.. anyway, happy weekend dear :D

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