ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel Launch

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Week i was invited to attend my first Artistry Event.Right after my Class i went straight to Shangri La Hotel...for the launch of their new Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel.

(from artistry's site)
ARTISTRY™ is about truth. Truth in science - by focusing on your skin's health, and its appearance. Truth in relationships - by sharing beauty secrets as women have done for centuries. And truth in beauty - by celebrating the individual beauty within every woman. Experience the endless, exceptional benefits ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetics provide.


boy that night was crowded!!Mr R was with me and i told him to just grab something to munch on while i go search for some good stuff..hehe..and knowing that he doesnt like crowded places he just waited for us to go inside the theater room so that he'll be able to grab something..

Artistry Cosmetics,though i was tempted to swatch and play with them..they were just for display hehe

the good stuffs..
 pretty blush and eye palette.

 theres a small demo courtesy of Victor Ortega,Artistry's Makeup Ambassador.

 bloated and tired me hehe but still kicking!

 Rex Lalata their Pr and brand manager.

 John Scimeca;research associate of artistry,explains the mechanism of intensive skincare renewing we get old our skins ability to shed or renew decreases,that's where this product comes in.
8 mins Skin Peel in a bottle..
and another fun thing on attending events like this is that i get to meet new people!!yey!!

the event was a success,the house was loaded,we had to go before it ended for some reason,...lil r wants us home..=D 

i would like to acknowledge meeko for being so accomodating that night,and a big Congratulations to their Team as well.

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