Zenyu EcoSpa @ Manila Ocean Park H20 Hotel

Saturday, September 18, 2010

just this week i received an invite from Noria to attend a day of Spa for 3 hours @ zenyu ecospa.I gladly accepted the invite since ive been planning to visit one before my review.And they have the first ever Hot Bed in the Philippines!

 Inside the h20 Hotel 3rd floor Manila Ocean Park..

Pirikare powder..

 an egg stored for weeks inside a negative ion box and yet it doesnt smell..that was something eigh?

negative ion container..the blue box beside the bottle is the perikare powder..you can use this as an energy drink,or soak yourself in your tub with diluted perikare powder you can even use this to wash your car..negative ions seems to be promising.

coparadise eco-friendly P.E.T bottle with negative ion technology

me trying out the capillaryscope..the white clothlike thing on the lower right is a fabric made out of negative ion,when they placed it on my arm i saw my blood flows twice as fast.it does improve blood circulation,for people with hypertension like my mom this will lessen the hearts workload since the heart doesnt have to pump twice or more than whats normal.

Neil a tri-athlete,on capillaryscope..Dr. Tan said that this can also be used to diagnose different kinds of diseases but he still wants to test it and give it a year or so.

Fermented Hawthorn berries..they taste really good..smells and taste like wine but on a milder and smoother side.

(from iaadamlim)
Hot bed treatment room with negative ion technology. The first in the country. Good for those with skin problems, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sugar count.)

The hot bed therapy is a dry sauna with negative ion technology from Japan. These tiles and bricks used to build the spa came from deoxidizing solution that produces negative ions. Negative ions are invisible air molecules that help fight against free radicals, viruses and bacteria. Negative ions has been proven to come from large bodies of water. majestic waterfalls and lush green forests. Experience what nature can do in an urban environment. A 45 minute session inside will help alleviate a lot of common stress problems including: 

- Aching bodies
- Stuffy nose
- Feeling down and tired
- High cholesterol
- High blood sugar
- High blood pressure

 it may not look like it but my butt and feet were burning...in a good way!.though at first the tiles do feels hot,but your body will soon adapt to the temperature..
(from iaadamlim)

The hot bed therapy can:
1. improve blood circulation.
2. improve blood flow.
3. increase immunity.
4. help fight anti-aging.
5. relieves stress.
6. promotes relaxation.
7. relieves pain, allergies, colds and constipation.
8. improves well being of people suffering from cancer and diabetes.

they made us drink a cup of water first to rehydrate upon entering the hot Bed room

 after 45 mins..i feel so relaxed and refreshed despite the heavy sweats.it feels so good!!it did great on my back!!!i have scoliosis so back pain is a very common feeling.

 Butt Sweats!!not good!! LoL.the only time that i am able to sweat this much is when i go to spas..i so love the feeling!..


Now hows the Massage?well hmm i like the Hot bed better.the massage was relaxing but my therapist didnt manage to ease my back pain.but still i feel so relaxed,most especially when she went up to my neck,it feels soooo darn Good!

My Spa Companions!! Had fun chatting with them.

Now im more enticed to see their Pool,Jacuzzi,and Dr fish therapy!!

Cant wait to take my Husband his first Hotbed Experience

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Mrs. Kolca said...

That was like the ultimate pampering ever. How cool!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i did not know that they have a spa in the ocean park..anyway, we went there i think last year so they probably don't have it yet...

but that sounds nice..a hot bed...i guess it's a bit like sauna?

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