Lorys Hair Cream Moisturizer

Saturday, September 04, 2010
Last 2 weeks ago i got an email from RJTECH corp for a sample of Lorys deep Moisturizing hair care Products..Me and my Husband used it the day after i got it..

SRP is: Php349.75 for 1000grams (1kg)
  • Lorys is made in Brazil
  • Lorys can be used as a hot oil or as a conditioner
  • If used as a hot oil, Lorys must be placed on the hair and scalp for 15 mins then rinse and apply shampoo (if lorys is used without shampoo, it tends to make the hair appear oily)
  • If used as a conditioner - Apply shampoo first then apply Lorys for root to tip for 2-5mins then rinse.
  • Lorys is cost-efficient as a hot oil treatment - Henna Wax is priced at Php205.00+ for 480grams while Lorys is priced at Php349.75 for 1000grams (1kg)
i got Lory's best selling variants their: Snake Oil and Fruit Cocktail..such a colorful packaging dont you think?

Lorys has 5 variants, all suited for different hair types: Fruit Cocktail, Snake Oil, Ceramides, Chocolate and Shea Butter

it smells just like your normal hot oil treatment,well atleast the ones that ive tried..but its definitely the biggest jar of conditioner that i have seen...i use it twice or thrice a week for 3-5 mins...

My air dried hair after using lory's..im used to seeing my hair frizz out in the afternoon,whenever i used a conditioner it does make my hair super soft but they cannot tame my hairs frizz.ive used Lory's before i got sick and i was not allowed to take a bath for 2 days,though my dear husband wipes me clean with a tepid sponge bath(sweetness!) my hair still felt smooth ,less frizzy and less tangles..Mr R even asked me what did i used on my hair..cause he's also used on seeing my poofy hair..maybe its because its for deep moisturizing that's why it performs better than the other conditioner that i used..

  • Big Tub!! for such an affordable price
  • 5 different variants
  • can be used as a hot Oil or Daily Conditioner
  • Makes my hair manageable compared to my past conditioner(though i still use my other conditioners..AKA cream Silk and Loreal Elseve,cause i love their smell better)

  • well since the packaging is quite big and bulky i dont think that ill be able to tote this with me on outings and stuff..but i can still retransfer a small amount on a small bottle.

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