hi ladies!!happy sunday to all,i just want to share a little something that i do when i accessorize,its just recently that i started to use different kinds of accessories and when Mama Lorie gave me a couple of Clip on Earrings i cant seem to just mix and match them on different accessories.

(click photos to enlarge)
a simple ring plus the clip on earring that i have can be used as a COCKTAIL RING/PENDANT/and of course as an EARRINGS

A simple Plain silver Necklace,made classy with a Clip-On earring../and as a Cocktail ring just slid on the lock clip of the clip on into the ring..just be sure that theres an extra space between your finger and the ring..

Another plain necklace and a Clip on Earring.

The Necklace that i got from Palawan..can be worn in 4 different ways(click photo)
you can wear it just like on the third photo if your wearing a plain white or black shirt just to look different haha.

and the last one:
you may use your clip ons as a bracelet charm...thats a necklace that i twist twice to fit on my wrist.

FUNtastic idea if youre getting bored with your accessories is to mix and match them!

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Helen said...

Do you know where I can get clip-on earrings? I had my ears pierced twice but now the piercing has "closed" or healed. :p

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hi sis im not sure ha pero try forever21 in megamall.hehe ^_^.mine were gifts kasi ^_^

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

omg this is such a cool idea :)

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