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Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Food Food..who doesnt enjoy them,me and Mr.R are always ready to try new places,may it be turo turo or a classy restaurant..

Kangaroo Jack..@ Sm North Edsa...

we went there to watch the sorcerers apprentice at the Block but since its been a while since i visited North edsa we...i mean i decided to take a stroll first and found this small resto.

masks down under

Hungry!!!! haha

I ordered 2 pastas...=D yes two( 1 pesto(take out) and a clam angel hair pasta)..i love pesto,but Mr R's getting tired of seeing me eat it...

Mr.R's Dish..(look at that poor corn..wished they made it more..hmm how should i say it...Bigger!..)extra corn will cost you Php.20.00 just dont know how big that php 20.00 will be

anyway food is very affordable forgot the price of our food though,but it wont put a big hole in your wallet.The food that i ordered tasted good especially the angel haired clam dish.=D

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