Estee Lauder Pure Color Collection Swatches

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dont you just Love how this Logo Shines..I visited Estee Lauders Counter just last week to dig in a bit about their new product...Im an  Estee Lauder user,i have a few of their makeups,blushes,eyeshadows,Pencils,Lipsticks,but my most Fave product from them is their "Advanced Night Repair" =D

Look at those pretty Blushes.

 Estee Luader Cupcakes.=D 

Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom,i have their Original scent and im loving it!you know how i love my men perfumes,i only have 2 perfumes for ladies and this is my favorite,it doesnt smell that sweet,i love its citrus-y scent,plus its not too overpowering for me.Their Bloom edition is much better!!its like a mixture of citrus fruits with a mild scent of lychees,smells so refreshing.Li

 a makeover from Amanda Estee Lauder's Head Makeup Artist

i super love the foundation that she used on me!

 Look at all those lovely shades..

 1st Column-Rock Candy,Pink innocence,wild Lilac
2nd Column-Nude rose,frivolous Pink,Irresistable Pink,Extravagant Pink,
3rd Column-Impulsive Coral,Brazen Berry,Magnificent Mauve,Coral Sparkle

(click photo for shades)

Swatches~their satins are super pigmented!!! my personal faves are Nocturnal Blue,Broadway Bold,Nude Fresco and Ivy Envy ehehe.

The pastels.

Their Packaging??well stare @ these Babies!

Pure Color eyeshadow Packaging are just soo classy their well known Gold casing completed with just the EL Logo on top.

The Finished Look~See How the foundation fits me perfectly..

the estee lauder team @ Shang on my left is Amanda Padilla(estee's Head Makeup artist),and on my right is Ms Liezl(also from Estee Lauder Philippines)

im almost all out of my Advance night repair,their biggest bottle here costs 4 thousand,hmm.but its my miracle worker especially on super stressful days hehe.If youre near Shang go visit their counter and go look what fancies you the most ^_^

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Mrs. Kolca said...

Never bought an Estee Lauder item for myself. A friend gave an item from EL once and I used it very carefully. Medyo mahal kasi. Hihi.

Shopcoholic said...

ang ganda ng packaging. you look gorgeous Shobe!

Anonymous said...

how much ang foundation nila?

Camille(SHOBE) said...

kolca-hehe true high end brand siya,but i still cant let go of their ANR!

Khymm-thanks Khymm and thats all because of Amanda hehe

Anonymous-its 2-3 thousand plus dear

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