Cuts 4 Tots(railee firsts Barbers Cut)

Thursday, September 09, 2010
So we've been planning this cut for over a week or mom usually cut his hair but you know how grandmas cut hair...well she just cut and cut and cut that lil r's hair often looks like a "mangkok"(bowl),or bunot...(coconut husk used for cleaning)

so we brought him to his first barber's cut..@ Cuts 4 Tots Trinoma Branch(2nd floor)
shampoo,hair cut cost somewhere between 300php to 350 php(forgot the exact price)

upon entering ....well i wasnt sure if those sits would entertain or keep his attention off the scissors..oh and by the way..lil r's afraid of scissors...

TOYS!!..hmm we'll see...

he refused to have that tissue on his neck...well that wasnt the problem at all.

so they put powder instead.

THE CUT!!!....well here goes,good thing she's using an electric clipper.haha.

it took 4 of us to manhandled..lil poor baby tried to struggle his way out of us crying...they had to take out the car chair so that  we can hold him and prevent him from kicking and moving.they tried everything..the toys...the movies..the singing,i even tried to give him snacks..nothing and my husband was sweating and full of lil r's tiny hair afterwards..

after the cut...

back.the cut wasnt as clean as i want it to be.but he looks really good and fresh with his new do.

the only thing that i didnt like,was that while we were panting and sweating some of their staffs didnt even bother to help us out..yeah and most of them were boys..there they are just sitting..watching us and smirking..Plus we paid for the shampoo plus hair cut and all we got was a haircut..they shouldve informed us if their just going to proceed with cutting..

lil r said after the cut "mommy Pogi na ako oh"(mommy im now handsome oh!")

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Pammy said...

Camz, your lil r is so cute. :P I can only imagine how he struggled that left you and Mr. R sweating and panting. I hope he overcomes his fear of scissors. :)

The staff didn't even bother to help you guys. Tsk. And you paid extra for that shampoo and he wasn't even shampooed. Rob off!

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