Product Review:Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation

Wednesday, August 25, 2010
Another one from maybelline that might fancy you..Mineral Foundation in Liquid Form!

Price:PHP 299(sm department stores,watsons,sundance)
Clinically proven: No oil. No fragrance SPF 18/PA+++Directions: Apply prior to sun exposure. Dot on forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Smooth with downward strokes until well blendedShades available: C02 Rose White, N02 Shell Beige, W02 Natural Buff, W03 Apricot Sand

shades...i own are apricot sand and shell beige.

foundation blob..Left-Shell beige/right-apricot sand
some says that this foundation looks pinkish,but i beg to differ,compared to their angelfit liquid foundation(which has been discontinued in my country)this has more yellowish/peachy tones on them,well atleast the ones that i own

semi blended..see how luminous my skin is beneath the has spf 18 by the way,Coverage is sheer,it wont completely cover red bumps. beige was my first shade but it looks a tad light on my skin,though its not noticeable i still prefer shades that exactly matches my skin..and that would be...their apricot sand..their darkest shade..(weird right)

lets apply them on to my face:

(facing the monitor)
Left-Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals in ShellBeige/Right-Maybelline Clear SMooth Minerals in Apricot Sand

see what i mean...they matched me on shell beige maybe because i have fair skin,and apricot sand is their darkest shade so they mustve thought that it wont match me,oh and by the way i super love the finish(click photo to enlarge the pores=D).see how smooth it is on my skin...But on all fairness to them,on Mac they matched me as NC20-25 but i prefer their NC40 Foundation


  • lightweight,LOVE the Finish
  • No weird scent/odorless
  • Handy(comes in a small tube,that is no bigger than my hand)
  • Evens Out my Skintone
  • Looks Natural
  • Doesnt Cake on me
  • Easy To Blend
  • Locally Available(yey)
  • Inexpensive(maybelline sometimes have discount promos above 250php)
  • Its a mineral Makeup!in liquid and less messy form!

  • Like any other foundation..they only have 4 shades..
  • their darkest isnt dark enough for nc35?? and up
  • Since i have Oily Skin it doesnt last that long on me..(but with kryolan antishine and MUFE HD primer it held up up to 6-7 hours..Not bad)
  • Oily types must Set it with powder/anti shine.
  • Wont cover up redness/zits

Final Say:
For a Drugstore Brand(well we dont call maybelline,revlon,loreal drugstore brand in my country) its a keeper for me.i always reach out for this foundation,since it looks natural on my skin,i think this is great for people who only want something that will even out their skintone,but for those who wants extra coverage this might not be for you.Still you may want to try it for yourself on your local maybelline stores.

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Askmewhats said...

this foundation has a very nice natural coverage I like this too!

trizh űű said...

Thanks for the review. :)

Shopcoholic said...

i love this foundie! i use it almost everyday..

maviclicious said...

oh! , i have always wanted to try this kso been waiting for someone to make a review. thnks

aizel camille said...

thanks for the review.. =) I think I should try this..

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nikki-most people kasi prefer this maybe thats why nadiscontinue ung angel hehe

trizh no prob sis always happy to share reviews hugs

khymm-safe side when it comes to daily use gives out a natural glow talaga no sis

Camille(SHOBE) said...

mavic hehe thanks for visiting mavs kamusta na?

aizel-no problem sis,go to your nearest maybelline store and try it na or best wait for their discount promos and stuff para makatipid

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