You might be getting tired of my mutya ng pilipinas entries...but i cant help posting them,cause i really want to share the lovely ladies behind the scenes...=D,and of course my very own experience for that matter

the buffet breakfast(tables for breads and butters)

My breakfast...sausages,hams,grilled veggies and a nice cold yoghurt

for our second day the candidates must look fresh and dewy,a makeup suited for beaches.

heres carla (mutya ng bicol)my first candidate on that day,were not allowed to choose the candidate,it just happened that she was on my list again hehe..see what i mean by fresh and heavy coverage foundation,the skin must be seen underneath the makeup,soft brows,and eyes.and of course all must be waterproof.

Lunch Time!!(gosh i ate 3 meals per day...i gained more pounds!!)fillet fish,buttered veggies,rice,and some asparagus soup..

for the ladies swimsuit competition night look,a semi smokey look.
Heres My Candidates for that night.. Mutya ng Lapu Lapu..

Mutya ng Subic Bay(forgot to take a shot of the other ladies)
Btw we were all in a hurry that time..the ladies finished their rehearsals pass 6 pm and they need to start the program @ 7 pm...24 candidates 6 makeup artist and 4 the fact that some of the candidates were not inside the makeup room so we still had to call their attention..the good news was..we made it ^_^ in less than an hour..yey!im so happy that night though quite tired...and hungry...

the top 5 best in swimsuit..from right to left(mutya ng batangas,mutya ng lapu lapu,mutya ng puerto princesa,mutya ng Pangasinan and Mutya ng East Coast USA)

and the winner is(best in figure),,Mutya ng East Coast USA Christi Lynn Ashly Mcgarry.
Look how tall and proportioned her body it!!

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

april08 said...

hi,ive seen you kanina with your son @ SM tayuman, ang pretty mo ^_^

Camille(SHOBE) said...

waa,haha,i looked like di pa naliligo haha,i was sleeping then he woke me up he said "mama SM san lazaro" hehe,next time tap me,para i can get to know one of my readers din he thank you..nahiya tuloy ako with glasses and jackets and messy updo.i call it my mommy look

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