Good day ladies,just want to share my palawan trip for Mutya ng Pilipinas

before the co makeup artists and hairstylist

after one and a half hour of flight we went to the baywalk 

then all of us went  straight to A and A plaza for our lunch.. 

we then rode the coaster for another 2 hours 
the sheridan beach resort and Spa..

some of its facilities is still under construction but nevertheless the place still looked so beautiful

our room...before were able to get this room they were supposed to place us in a "villa" and by "villa" what i mean is a small nipa hut...with no electricity from 10pm-6am....of course our team wont settle for that...again were composed of 14-16 2-3 nipa huts..with no electricity from 10pm-6am..woah...glad that they realized that our team leader is one of their Sponsors..(of course some of us still had to make them understand that big fact)

after we arrived..on to the shoot..(Ms East Coast and Lapu lapu)

we were out the whole day so we had to chill a bit..Yoghurt Shake for 80.Php

 Halo Halo for 70 Php

Touch up ladies hehe

For our dinner we were given this stub,for us to be able to eat we must present this small piece of paper first..there was another misunderstanding between some of the production team,the sheridans staff and ours..heres the story:(im just trying to share what happened)
they gave us this stub upon entering the place where they serve food,and we were okay with that,(were all tired and exhausted from work and the flight)we were all about to sit outside for our dinner but something happened so we moved to another place..were about to enter the resorts bar/restaurant,but since i need to pee i went up,but when i was about to close our rooms door i heard Lourds voice,she was pissed...when i came down they told me that a girl stopped them and asked them "mam/sir may stub po ba kayo?"(mam/sir do you have a stub?) and that the place was only for candidates..and not for the crews...thats when things got a little complicated...heres the thing..first,were not crews...Were a team of hair and makeup artists Composed of 2 of their sponsors,2nd..were about to sit out to eat,were all okay with that but somebody made us change our place,3rd..Why did the girl had to stop us for our Stub...wasnt it obvious that were all from mutya..and from my view its a bit disrespectful for them to hand out a crew Stub from their okay with the stub,but as far as i know Sponsors are "VIPs",i mean theyre not asking for special treatment naman,at least show some respect and educate the Resorts Staff who's who,..first the nipa huts now the food.they really lack communication.I think they did the same thing to the Manila Bulletin Team..And heres what made my brows shift.the resorts PR..a lady in her late 40's or early 50's didnt say sorry,no apologies or whatsoever,she's even trying to cheap talk her way out of it..she said that they weren't informed,with a strong none apologetic tone..again all was settled with the production..(but not the resorts PR..imo)

heres my dinner...haha chicken cacciatore,salad plus lasagna.

a staff asked if we want to have some tea...of course we said yes..we thought it was complimentary..they just said "Mam would you like some tea"...but when we checked out this small tea costs ..Php 120.00,i didnt even took any sip..i just liked the aroma of my chamomile tea..haha
so thats it for this day,ill be doing a small haircare giveaway for you ladies thanks for visiting HUGS!

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Golden said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about that. Kaasar naman nyan. Hays.

Lots of love,

wobblinbetty said...

sounds like you had a great day!

NeuroChiq said...

Sorry to hear about the mishaps, nakakainis yun in fairness. I hate discriminating sobra. =/

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