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Tuesday, January 18, 2011
ive been meaning to get myself some good massages,well me and Mr see i have a bad case of pelvic ache,i have scoliosis,i usually dont sleep flat on bed in a supine position simply because whenever i wake up my back aches terribly so,everyday i have to sleep either sideways or prone my face facing the pillow hehe.its a pain in the ass really,cause even when im sitting my lower back always hurts..

the getaway spa at Sgt Esguerra


i just love the native look of those chair,i think they will look good at our house.=D

i know that i should wear bikinis more comfortable wearing strappys with puke shorts =D

all glowing and ready to go..

Getaway spa is where i had my first ever spa experience and i will go back for another they have couples room so thats a plus factor for us.its not that expensive either,you'll get to use their pool and sauna so its all worth it.

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ladymishel said...

We have the same problem. I've tried Chi Spa's Healing Stone Massage, a whole body massage and it did relieved my back pain for about a week. The therapist told me I should have a back massage every week

miemiemie said...

haha puke shorts! my bf would kill me if i wore those out..

haha i know! super wala lang pag tinignan mo longchamp le pliage..lalo na ang daming fakes..but then i hope its really sturdy..we'll see :)

✿Lady.Mitchelli✿ said...

I have scolio as well.. Anyway, you are indeed glowing after the massage. Seems like you had a great time at the SPA.. =)

Btw Ms. Shobe, I've been having troubles w/ my blog feed lately, and its now fixed.
Please UNfollow me then FOLLOW me again so that my posts will now be visible in ur dashboard.
Also, If I'm in ur BlogRoll, kindly do the same.. Tnx alot! =)

Star said...

You might want to visit my Star Bliss Salon & Spa as well.... located in Timog Ave. Corner Scout Torillo QC (Just in front of OFF the Grill)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

that would be great star ^_^

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