August is almost here!!!i will be out Missing In Action for a while,but ill make sure to update my blog every week atleast,and post the photos of the reason for my disappearance.So getting back heres a review on Mac MSF's Blonde in BBR collection.

this reminds me of  Moonriver and Loverock Mineralize Blush,but theyre not similar when swatched at all.

On the looks so mesmerizing,the degrade of pinks just make me want to look at it all day.the first time i saw it i thought that this will only be good as a highlighter but i was wrong!!its pigmented and looks really good on my skin.

swatches..the texture of blonde is smoother than my MSF in northern lights,its easier for me to blend the color on my skin.

heres Mac Blonde on me..=D..subtle youthful pinkish glow =D

On natural lighting..

heres my Look on that Day,we were on our way for a photoshoot .
Prods Used:
  • Neutrogena Uv compact
  • Mac Msf Blonde

  • eyeshadow pigment Golden Greece
  • Mad Minerals Choco Grapes
  • Sephora Aspen eyeshadow
  • Mac Era eyeshadow
  • Black Gel Liner
  • Maybelline Cat eyes mascara
  • F21 white eyeliner
  • TFS brow powder

while waiting i got bored soo ...
Love how Mac blonde gives me this subtle pink glow.=D but i still have to watch out for my oilies..

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4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Askmewhats said...

Love the subtle glow!!! bagay!

Shopcoholic said...

you look glowing Shobe! the color looks so pretty...

Camille(SHOBE) said...

nikki-pretty nice noh!!i rarely use shimmers talaga kaya its love

Khymm-it does!i bet this will suit you too!!since same skintone tayo

Bea said...

It suits you well sis. ang ganda nya :)

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