LBB went to Nuffnang's Screening Of Salt

Thursday, July 29, 2010
good day ladies last night me and Mr R went to Greenbelt to watch salt courtesy of nuffnang,they held a giveaway for the first 70 commenters on their Salt Post,anyway i was not familiar with the mall,it was actually my first time there,not that i dont like the mall its just that i prefer malls near my place...Greenbelt is waaaayy too far from where i live.
we arrived ther at 7:25 pm haha. thought we were late but the movie was just about to start,and i saw Shen with her sweetheart,i wasnt able to get any photo at all!!!!  we were in a hurry to go out cause Mr.R forgot to lock the car..well atleast thats what he thought...and also we forgot where we parked the car so we had to search for it..LOL..anyway the Movie was Good,not great but Good,i always like Angelina Jolie,and most of her movie was a hit.Next Movie for us is Inception.=D

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Mrs. Kolca said...

Hubby and I consider Greenbelt the most unforgettable place of our dates. We watched our first movie and ate our first dinner together from that place. It was just 5 minutes away from our old apartment that's why getting there was very convenient.

Anyway, I'm hoping to watch SALT this coming weekend. I could've watched it yesterday, but I don't like crowded cinemas, so I am saving my excitement for the weekend.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

aw thats sweet,stalls at that place was really amazing!and when i say amazing i mean sky high price tags haha.

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