August is almost here!!!i will be out Missing In Action for a while,but ill make sure to update my blog every week atleast,and post the photos of the reason for my disappearance.So getting back heres a review on Mac MSF's Blonde in BBR collection.

this reminds me of  Moonriver and Loverock Mineralize Blush,but theyre not similar when swatched at all.

On the looks so mesmerizing,the degrade of pinks just make me want to look at it all day.the first time i saw it i thought that this will only be good as a highlighter but i was wrong!!its pigmented and looks really good on my skin.

swatches..the texture of blonde is smoother than my MSF in northern lights,its easier for me to blend the color on my skin.

heres Mac Blonde on me..=D..subtle youthful pinkish glow =D

On natural lighting..

heres my Look on that Day,we were on our way for a photoshoot .
Prods Used:
  • Neutrogena Uv compact
  • Mac Msf Blonde

  • eyeshadow pigment Golden Greece
  • Mad Minerals Choco Grapes
  • Sephora Aspen eyeshadow
  • Mac Era eyeshadow
  • Black Gel Liner
  • Maybelline Cat eyes mascara
  • F21 white eyeliner
  • TFS brow powder

while waiting i got bored soo ...
Love how Mac blonde gives me this subtle pink glow.=D but i still have to watch out for my oilies..

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LBB went to Nuffnang's Screening Of Salt

Thursday, July 29, 2010
good day ladies last night me and Mr R went to Greenbelt to watch salt courtesy of nuffnang,they held a giveaway for the first 70 commenters on their Salt Post,anyway i was not familiar with the mall,it was actually my first time there,not that i dont like the mall its just that i prefer malls near my place...Greenbelt is waaaayy too far from where i live.
we arrived ther at 7:25 pm haha. thought we were late but the movie was just about to start,and i saw Shen with her sweetheart,i wasnt able to get any photo at all!!!!  we were in a hurry to go out cause Mr.R forgot to lock the car..well atleast thats what he thought...and also we forgot where we parked the car so we had to search for it..LOL..anyway the Movie was Good,not great but Good,i always like Angelina Jolie,and most of her movie was a hit.Next Movie for us is Inception.=D
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How To:Boredom Sunday Look

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Hello lovely ladies!!did you enjoy your weekends??well as for me nope!! just spent the weekends locked in my room with Lil r,haha we played his thomas though....anyway just as soon as i woke him up i made this look last was hmm.should i say made out of boredom..

oh and i tried to dupe the Benefits powdeflage..more on that on my next post

1.Mac Lovestone mineralized e/s
2.apply it on the lid and blend it just above the creaseline
3.Mad Minerals
4.line your outer eye with it and appy it on the outer part of the eyes and blend it halfway on your crease(blend)

5.Mac Era Eyeshadow
6.apply it on the inner creaseline(blend it with the mad minerals e/s)
7.Mad Minerals e/s in chocolate grapes
8.apply and blend it just on the outer part of the eye using a small bullet brush or any small brush(then blend blend blend)

9.Apply your Highlight
10.liner your upper and lower lashes
11.full rim
12.curl lashes and apply mascara

Finished look

full i have to go to the rest room and enjoy a splash of water..
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Product Review:Revlon Brow Fantasy in Brunette

Sunday, July 25, 2010
good sunday to you ladies,anyway ive been so curious about this brow product,it has a pencil on one side and a gel on the cool is that..anyway heres my personal review on revlons brow fantasy in brunette

Colors, shapes and sets brows for a polished well groomed look all day.

retails for not less than 550 and no more than 600php i forgot the exact price will update this a bit later.

the pencil is pigmented they have 4 shades ranging from 

Dark Blonde,Brunette,Dark Brown, and Black.

i love the gel,its tinted and it does the job on taming the brows,plus the staying power is amazing.=D,the gel is not as pigmented as Mac's girlboy brow gel but its darker.

swatches-Pencil(top) Gel(bottom),as the gel dries it gets opaque

with just the revlon brow fantasy pencil on my brows.i have thick and long brow hairs by the way.

on my left eye i tried applying it with super light strokes for a more natural look.(just the pencil)

here they are using both pencil and gel ,the left brows looks more natural.....though the shade looks a bit off on me haha,i only use this to define my arch,the shade that suits me is Dark Brown

i went out washed my hands a couple of times played with lil r and to my surprise the brow gel is still at the back of my about staying power,tried smudging it but it wont budge.

will definitely purchase a shade darker =D

  • a liner and gel in one
  • the dark brown shade suits me
  • staying power is Great
  • Pigmented
  • Locally Available
  • Inexpensive
None yet.
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LBB's New Toys Plus a Few Makeovers on my last event

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Good morning ladies,just want to share the new loots that i got this week,will soon post reviews on them.

and heres a few photos on CCPMG's event,the look was smokey paired with red lips.was not able to take the photos of the went full on memory..

our energy was a bit low that day but still it was fun.haha,saw a lot of celebrities too..

so that it have nice weekend people thanks for visiting...

PS:sooo excited!!!will be super busy this coming august so prolly wont be able to blog as much..

much love from me to you guys..

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Funky Shades for the Day~

Friday, July 23, 2010
Yesterday i visited powerplant since its just a walk away from rockwell tent..=D haha,i was there for the CCMPG event,and yes i wasnt there as a blogger...but as a makeup artist..anyway it was star studded,will soon post the photos.For now pls enjoy my funky shades =D

Purples Teals and Sparkles =D

Prods Used:
La colors Metallic palette in Wild flowers(purple and fuchsia) 
Estee lauder Moss green liner
Bare Minerals shadow liners in bonbon
Lancome Definicils mascara
Maybelline 2in1 liner pencil bronze
lumiere mineral e/s pigment teal shade(forgot the name)
Mac Copper reflects.
the face shop brow powder


falsies from HBC,i love HBC's falsies though not all of their false eyelashes is as good as the ones that i picked,cause some of it are missing a hair or 2,asymmetrical,baldish etc,you just have to pick the good ones.

im getting uber fat again,Mr. R keeps on buying Lychees and Ube jam from good sheperds...tell me who could resists such temptations...and pls do read my sounds funny..hehe

Prods Used:
Maybelline minerals liquid foundation
ellana finishing powder in espresso con panna
Clarins duo bronzer
Mac MSF in northern Lights

lips:Maybelline Watershine lipstick in m31 and mac lipglass in blackfire

thats it for me ladies hope you like the look and as always thanks for visiting and have a nice day..dont forget to join my GIVEAWAY =D
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Hair Talk:Hair So Feels Great

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Lookie!!!how Straight my hair is!hehe its actually my 2nd time i managed to straighten my hair this good..yeap  i used my hair iron to straighten my hair...and it looks soo healthy!!

will soon post the items that i used on my hair,cause usually when i use my hair iron it doesnt get as straight as this..

my hair normally looks like this and to think i had it in a clip comb to make it less puffy.

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Neutral for the Day~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
since im loving neutrals,heres another look i made out of hmm..boredom..hehe

an intensified neutral,not that much black though..

Products Used:
  • NYX JEP milk
  • Cream Shade Eyeshadow from the neutral palette
  • Mac Satin Era
  • Mac Alittlefolie
  • Lancome Definicils mascara
  • Maybelline Impact express liquid liner
  • Revlon Black galaxy(foiled)
  • Sephora aspen eyeshadow
  • falsies from HBC
  • The Face Shop Brow powder

more eyeshots

i kinda extend it above where my socket is..i think its crease cutting..right?

great for hooded eyes like me. =D
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Everyday Neutral Look~

Friday, July 16, 2010
Neutrals are LOVE!!! you can pair them with any dress,any skintone,and you can sport the look on any day of the week you want to wear them..!!so here's todays neutral Look!

Prods used:
  • Mac Tempting e/s
  • Mac AlittleFrolie e/s
  • Maybelline 2-in-1 pencil liner
  • Mac impact express felt penliner
  • Lancome Definicils Mascara
  • Sephora Aspen Summit e/s
  • in2it brow powder

this eyelook is what i call timeless~

i played with my camera's vivid feature.=D

Simple But it prettifies the whole you.

Prods Used:
  • Neutrogena Uv compact
  • Mac Mocha Blush
  • TBS Brush on bronze
  • Maybelline watershine lipstick(forgot the shade)

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thats it for me,thanks for visiting and have a nice day~
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Product Review:Laniege Strawberry Peeling Gel

Sunday, July 11, 2010
hellooo ladies,here's another skin care product review coming from yours truly,yet again my fave Strawberry only continues to amaze me with its benefits,pardon me if you'll see some typographical error somewhere in this post,im wearing my uber dark shades while typing this entry...why??cause i have Conjunctivitis(Sore Eyes) and Keratitis..=(.

Okay so getting back..Exfoliating for me is a must..cause i once told a friend of mine.."how come when were dirty and rub our body dead skin cells appear,but whenever i try to do that on my face,nothing happens.."..and so how will i be able to remove dead skin cells from my face...i started using exfoliators..=D 

Laniege strawberry Peeling Gel
Price- Php 1250.00
(place bought-Laniege Trinoma)

the tube is actually pretty big 150ml will last me a long time considering that i only exfoliate once or twice a week.


the product smells really nice.this much is enough for my face.

after massaging it on the skin it will turn into this skin like peeling that will help your scrub dead skin cells..for sensitive skin be sure to massage gently.i do this for a minute or so..=D

after washing it off with warm water my face feels SUPER Soft and clean..but i still find Cellnique's Bio Renewal Mask better,cause my skin felt smoother when i used that.But since i only had a sample product the next best thing for me is to find something that is locally available.


  • locally available
  • Big Size(150ml)
  • Makes my skin super Soft
  • Skin Feels Clean after
  • Doesnt Irritate my skin,feels Mild.
  • LOVE the Smell


  • a bit pricey

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