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Monday, June 28, 2010
heres a look for all the lovelies,a requested look by a bride to be i guess..hehe.anyway,since im not that pro when it comes to hair and its quite hard doing it to myself i hope you still find it suitable for the Big Day..

there are two options either you decorate your hair from the back or the side with dangling hair ornaments(this is the only hair accessories that i have that will look good with the hair haha),cant get a decent shot,but those are swirly hairs..(lower part)..a very messy swirly hairs haha

side can easily fix those baby hairs with a decent hair spray..

..i something weird myself out..haha,put on false eyelashes,natural types are your best bet,since they're not as heavy and fake looking as the synthetic ones.

i used purple eyeshadow which in my opinion will suit any skintone.dont over do your eyebrows we still want them to look natural baby hairs are okay sometimes.

cover imperfections!we dont want to see flaws on your wedding photo..use sweat proof and opaque concealers so that you wont have to re apply them to get the desired avoid looking cakey

Cheeks..i used an ORANGE shade'll look great on photography contoured and highlighted my cheeks with a cream contouring makeup..avoid using makeup with tons of shimmers as it may wash your face looking ashy,and shiny on pics.For the Lips any Shade will do even RED if youre up to it...but just to make me look fresh,young and sweet..i used a pink-ish peach shade of lipstick.

Usually the kind of makeup one must have during her Big Day is just something that will enhance and not change her look,i still want my Husband to be to recognize me despite the makeover,and see my simplicity underneath all the makeup.

another creepy pose haha.See how lashes can make a big will blow his heart away when you bat those lashes.=D

so thats it again..hope you guys like it.. i tried my best on the hair hehe.

6 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Elsa said...

galing naman! ganda ng hairdo!!!


Wow, your blush is so subtle! I like it :) What shade is this? I've never used anything orange, I am so scared that it will look weird on me. But since we almost have the same skin tone, I'll try :)

Lizz said...

Gorgeous! I love that bit of red on the top of your hair!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

elsa-thanks sis!hehe.magulo nga e

Lizz-its y scnd favrte hair acc. Its lovely

Peachy pink-try it dear ill look for the shade then ill get post it here.

angelamhiere said...

thanks po for the idea... ^__^

~tHiAmErE~ said...

love the lips,sis!
sooo kissable

you look so naturally beautiful,girl!

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