Play Paradise for the Kiddos:Kevins Play House at SM Sta.Mesa

Sunday, June 27, 2010
this entry is not connected with any beauty prods or skincare products...but for those peeps who wants his/her little one to have  something to play with or wants him/her to interact with others scroll down for more.

kevins rate..this is located at SM sta Mesa near Department store(Last floor)

they have a helper to assist the kiddos,most play house that ive been doesnt have anyone to look after the kids,yes they have someone inside the pen but all they do is clean up the toys that the kids used..they dont care if they fall or got smacked by a toy by another kid..their not liable,that is why youre free to enter..

computer games for the techie kids.i remember when i went to sm san lazaro to put lil r on the playhouse located near WOF(3rd floor) he was smacked by a toy..and the kid was bigger than him..poor baby cried for mommy...the 2 ladies there didnt care at all,i never came back to that place again..hmmpf.

though their place is not big,Lil r enjoyed himself..

i always make sure to bring him atleast twice a week to places like this,so that he can learn how to mingle,share,and play with other kids..

and of course its not Lil r if he wont climb on to chairs,tables,run around,and under different stuffs..good thing the lady there was kind enough to put him down..for like 4 times haha..

most mall have different play house like this for our kids,the most expensive but most fun(even by me) play house that lil r went in was the one in Mall Of Asia (kids universe) it was HUGE!!! 3 floors and they have tons of activities and toys for the kids.

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