hi there ladies!!!oh i miss my looks for the day posts,hehe,anyway heres my last philippine fashion week backstage post,hope you guys enjoy them.XO

Akihiro Sato...i really dont know him that much but they seem to like him..besides who wouldnt..look at those shiny white teeth.=D

pretty young and tall,took this shot right after i did her make up,the look suits her.

with the dress..this was taken for the premiere C show...right after the show ends we rushed back to the makeup room to prepare for the 50 models on penshoppe show.

the military look

pop vintage look

Black widow(on face chart) and sporty 

the starter model,and was the star of the night IMO.hehe.by the way that's her real hair,no wigs or whatsoever

right after the show,its cocktail time..of course we had to taste the finger foods hehe.

To all my team Mates thanks and hope to see you soon!!i was touched by R2's prayer on our last day,coz i also feel that i belong.Hugs and Kisses to everyone.
(jim ross,claire de guzman,verna mavin,janina torres,ria aquino,avril,catherine(growee),r2,rod,wata,jen,and Lourd)

10 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Julia Mathias said...

The first model is soooo beautiful! And the makeup is amazing!

Elsa said...

congrats!!!!! posh models are gorgeous!!!!

angelamhiere said...

Wow! Akihiro Sato!!! He's really cute!!! ^__^

envy, envy, envy!!!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

julia-pretty right?so ysl-ish face,hehe thanks!

elsa-thanks elsaaaa mwuah mwuah

angelmhiere-weee i really dont have any idea about him before,but my makeupartists friends knew him,he's really nice!!!and hot!

Mrs. Kolca said...

I wanna be a model. Please do my make up. Hihi. Just kidding. I think you are a genius. Muah to you.

♥Lady Mitchelli♥ said...

Ms. Camille, nice job! Makeup of the first model was awesome!

I'm now curious on how you started in the makeup industry! =) I wish I could be like you someday! *wink*

Akihiro is really hot, by the way! hehe!

NeuroChiq said...

Congrats, Shobe! You did a great job! Esp on the first model, love the eye makeup & the wing! =)

angelamhiere said...

awww... you make me feel so jealous!!! hehehe... joke!!! ^__^

Camille(SHOBE) said...

mrs kolca-thanks kolcs mwuah to you too!!!!

Lady mitchelli-thank you sis,hehe,just let your talent bloom msy makakapansin at makakapansin din.

Yes he is,HHOOOOOTTT!!!!

Dang-thanks dangs!!

angelmhiere-haha,sana nagsamantala ako and hugged him hehe

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

you're getting better and better at what you do shobe. i'm glad you're having so much fun :)

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