Look of the Day:ILLAMASQUA inspired Look

Thursday, June 03, 2010
i was staring at this photo on the side of my blog,saw this at the illamasqua site a few days back,and decided to put it in my sidebar,i just love how cool it looks...anyway i tried to re create the look,but its not an exact replica..obviously there are a lot of dissimilarity on the illamasqua face and mine..plus i think it was computer made.nonetheless hope you like it

it wasnt able to recreate the V on her forehead haha.i used la colors metallic eyeshadow for the pink and blues.

i was supposed to apply a second coat of foundation but my skin feels weird when im wearing heavy foundations,so i just kept it this way.

it looks better when i turned my night light on..but i still look lame--oooohhh!

i just used a black shimmery eyeshadow to line the V..(revlon luxurious eyeshadow),yeah i know the V  smudged and it looks like a crap hehe.

eyes..for me the eyes is the highlight of the look..love its avant garde look.

so thats it ladies hope i somehow replicate something on the look,i had fun doing this,though lil r cried when he saw me right after he woke up haha..mwuah thanks for visiting

ill be doing another small giveaway for my philippine readers..been so blessed and happy this past few weeks,and since i have some spare,i decided to make a small giveaway for you guys

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angelamhiere said...

Wow! Great job! ^__^

Lauren said...

This is amazing! It's not an exact replica but it's pretty damn close. What foundation did you use? :)

RHiAN said...

you looks so cute in here.. hehe
nice job ♥


Jian said...

It looks very good actually! -)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

angelmhiere-thanks dear hehe glad you like it

lauren-its from PAC hehe

rhiann-you think so weee hehe

jian-glad you like it jian!!XO

maki said...

fierce! ang galing galing mo talaga mare

louise said...

me too...i super like it...reminds me actually of avatar :P hehehe

sugar sugar said...

you actually did a great job! :D what lipstick did you use?

DeBi said...

love it! Just a good lighting and a good camera...it will be the same na! heheh

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

This came out great IMO


Anonymous said...

wow awesome!

CoLine said...

Shobe love the look it's really cool =) Actually I love the metallic blue and pink combination. I always have metallic blue and pink eyeshadow on☺.

Hugs to you dear!♥

Camille(SHOBE) said...

maki-salamat naman ng marami hehe,natuwa tuloy aketch

louise-great inspiration right?i love the colors they used

sugar sugar-its an eyeshadow hehe.

debi-you think soo,thankkkksss.

snowbunny and kimporter-thanks dear

coline-theyu look cute together those shades are all in the LA colors soiree palette hugs you back xo

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

you're so talented! di ko kaya to! =)

Jing (GirL With GLasSes) said...

aquamarine blue is one of my favorite colors.

what did you use for your lips? silver shadows? cool!

RHiAN said...

yeah! you look so cute and adorable hehe.. parang ikaw si lil r


Camille(SHOBE) said...

khymm-thanks sexy,kaya mo din yan im sure!

jing-youngster shade right,heehe for the lips foundation pa din pero yung blue eyeshadow

rhian-thanks sis and for that ill give you a big muaaaah hehehe xo

Golden said...

Nevertheless, it still looks amazing sis.

Lots of love,

Camille(SHOBE) said...

golden thanks thanks sis xo

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