I want/need a NOKIA E series/touch phones....

Monday, June 21, 2010

im really not a techie kind of person,im okay with just a phone that can receive and send calls/messages,dont care if its the oldest model there is as long as its functioning well,i usually dont complain..the gadgets that i had were an ipod video which caught the eyes of a lowlife since it was all the hype back then and was stolen from me when i was on an OJT at norzagaray(may that person receive ten folds of bad karma).GGggrrr.now i have the ipod shuffle which i find handy and cute(i dont use it though),the phone that i had was a SEw910 which i so dearly loved for the past 2 years or more,until it went all wacky..and then finally broke..

(nokia X6 and nokia e72 and e 75)
.but just this week i saw phones with keypads similar to a desktop keyboards...i was informed yesterday that theyre called "Qwerty" phones..and i fell in love again...when i was browsing through google i saw tons of touch screen phones,though im not into that kind of phones cause im afraid i might break it(lol),i still want them.but my heart still beats faster for the qwerty phones.

(NOKIA e71 and Nokia 5800)
they both look so classy.it may sound weird but i cant stop thinking of these phones...

this was the first ever qwerty phone that i saw...love the color~..tell me is it too much to ask to have any of this phones..?but i have to be patient,cause we still have to buy a battery for our laptop..thats a whooping 9-10,000php .(MAN!!!)..but Mr r said that we only have to repacked the battery...

what phones will you chose?Nokia's e71,e72,e75,e63,5800 or x6?
Let me know ladies.HUGS..have you experienced this kind of dilemma?

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jenobebs said...

i loved the nokia n97 in white since i first saw it. its a qwerty slider and touchscreen. really pretty and classy. but it was too expensive for me specially since i rarely use my phone and cam phones are not allowed in my office. so i just went on dreaming about it until i met the samsung corby series. its a cheaper alternative with just the same qwerty slider feature with just the applications i need :)

angelamhiere said...

Me and Honey (we share stuff) own an E71. Hmmm... it's nice, but if you're the type of person who likes using CPs for taking pics, then, this is definitely not for you. But I assure you that most of its features are good. ^__~

BTW, one of our friends is selling his Nokia 5800. Are you interested? =D

Just drop by my blog and leave a message. Or, you may e-mail me at sweetloveangel_1908@yahoo.com

Thanks for following, too! ^__^

Tamara said...

Nokia E72 is great. I have E71 and I love it... So I think it could work for you too ;)!
It's great to surf the web, even write blogposts!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

angelmhiere-geez huling huli ako hehe,2 votes for e71...im cnvasing kasi.

tamara-really??fast ba ang internet sa ganyan??hehe

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i use a qwerty phone ever since. It's the old model n nga e pero i can't bear to part with it.may senti value ika nga.. most blackberry phones have qwerty keypads

i have the nokia e61 for years now. minsan lang ako magpalit ng phone. It's great because it has a big screen so surfing the web is better than those phones that have small screens.

if these are the choices that you are looking into then go for e71. but for me, i am already eye-ing the samsung corby+.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thia...whats corby??kasi nag surf ako ang daming lumabas eh..yung samsung star pink corby ba yun??ano features hehe

~tHiAmErE~ said...

gandang umaga,sissy!
yung corby plus kasi if im not mistaken ung qwerty pad nya nasa gilid...so mas madali ihandle kung gagamitin mo sa pag surf lang tlg. corby pro is good kasi may wifi
you can check it HERE

kasi sa case ko naman naka line ako kaya kahit hnd wifi ready yung fone ok lang.

mahirap xa for one hand texting pero mas astig yung dating kesa sa nokia.sawa na ko sa nokia.kasi halos lahat naka nokia. kaya gus2 ko na palitan fone ko kaya lang memorable sakin e..

saka mura kasi ung corby +...
nsa 7,500 lang ata

Camille(SHOBE) said...

eep ang ganda!!kaso mas okay yung wifi hehe,thanks thia,ang pinagpipilian ko is e71 samsung corby samsung star w/wifi hehe kaso touchscreen yung star e

~tHiAmErE~ said...

nkakatempt no?

pero kung long nails ka lagi wag ka mgtouchscreen.i mean gaya nung iphone..yung mga touchpad. mhirap kasi e.nung bumili nga ko ng cam dapat ang bbilhin ko ung nikon s230 kaya lang nga naisip ko lagi mahaba nails ko mhirap pg mxado nadiinan kht my screen protector.

nka touchscreen phone dn kc ko dti. ayon..awa ng diyos, sira yung lcd..hahaha!

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