Event:Davines World 20 Style Contest 2010(backstage)

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Last tuesdat(june 15) i went to the Davines World style contest held at the A.venue hall,i was there as a makeup artist,plus the fact that i love to see how fantastic the hairs would be up on the stage..but before that ill let you take a peek at the Backstage first..(changes to my *blogger* costume)

this is the invitation..

the stage looks really hefty!

below were the models photos..feast your eyes just like me~(click the photos for better viewing)

me and jyra.

.Lourd Ramos' Model..Davines Ambassador

closer look at the makeup

Joey Maed Model for Jing Monis Salon

Model for the last years Winner(she was bitten..soon onstage)

Model for jojo tanglao of Bench Fix Salon

Model for Moussa Abdayem of Emphasis Salon..

model for ziggy hermosura of louis kee salon

Hermes Model for adlai antonio of Salon De Manila

i dont know who made her hair,but i got to give it to whoever he/she is..love it

(changes to my *MUA* costume)
me on one of the models,they will pull the sticks off jyra's hair..Look at how sweet looking her hair looks like,from goldilocks curls..

to this....edgy mo-hawk 

side view

verns model..her hair from crimped

to this..

Verna,Lourd Ramos(team leader),Claire,and Me.

my feet hurts after the event but i enjoyed watching and doing makeup for the creators..i dont know anything about hair styling well maybe just the basics but the creations that i saw inspires me.its a showcase that displays how Artistically talented the filipinos are.

ill post the photos on stage this week kindly watch out for that as well .=D

1 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Maui (Suushh) said...

oh my..those hair styles are so creative and awesome. Im a beginner, well not even haha in hair styling I cant imagine who they do those things, super awesome! and lucky you, to get to watch them create hair art haha =)

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