Wednesday, June 30, 2010
you know how i hate rantings...most of the time i rant about broken things and something like that,but now im ranting about services and keeping ones word..Remember my SkinMd Giveaway Post .Well SkinMd gave me and several other bloggers the permission to hold a giveaway,of course the prize will be their Product...So i gladly accepted that since everybody Loves giveaways..i told them that okay i will do a giveaway for my Readers,and so i did,last April 13,and announced my winner last May 01,i sent them the Winner same day before i contacted thristen..i never bothered contacting them again since they will be the one to ship the prize,not until Thristen(my winner) contacted me if i can just send her the price through Local Courier...i told her "that's not possible since they will be the one who'll ship the item to you through PO..but she insisted in a nice way if i can send it to her through courier,and i said "Okay"...SkinMD never contacted me to ask the shipping address of my winner so i again Emailed them with the Full Details...and since i will be the one to receive the item and send it to thristen i was a bit concerned when i remembered that its been almost 3 weeks and still no progress,no email,no nothing...so i emailed then again:

May 19
To:Cat Doss
hi ms cat just want to ask the winner from my giveaway asks me when will she able to receive the product,i told her i dont know since youre the one whos going to ship it,she asked me again today,just to give her some answers.

i never got any reply to her,nor any other person from SkinMD

"hi this is littlebeautybag.blogspot.com i already sent you my giveaway winner last may 01 and shes been contacting me asking me when will she able to receive the item,since i dont know when either i was emailing you for the past weeks,is she or is she not going to get the product?pls do reply..you told me that the product is available for giveaway and review and so i did.i just dont want any of my readers to think badly of the product and my site as well.hope you understand."

Still no reply..take not of the date..JUNE01...

JUNE 14:
"hello skinmd,its been more than a MONTH,if thristen's emailing pls do respond to her email,she seems to be expecting your product,i will send her some items from me to compensate to yours,since it seems you dont have any plans on sending her the prize,its just that i really like your lotion but i was disappointed on how youre ignoring the email,considering that you were the one who told us to do a giveaway...im addressing this though email for the last time."

ive been soo calm considering theyve been ignoring my emails..take note they were the one who said that if i want to do a giveaway i can..

and then:a reply from them...when i was supposed to send the compensatory item to Thristen.
JUNE 15:
Hi Camille,
I am so sorry that I some how missed the previous emails from yourself and your giveaway winner.  
If you could please provide me with Thristens email address I can contact her right away and arrange shipping of the prize.
Best wishes,
Amber Humphries.

Of course i emailed Thristen and she was glad...She's Only 15!! i know how it felt winning something at that age.

.then she emailed me that SkinMD said that

MAY 27
Hi Maureen,
My apologies for the delay in you recieving a resposne.
I have been in contact with the author of Little Beauty Bags and will be working out the shipping details with her.
Best wishes,
Amber Humphries
Assistant Dir. Public Relations
Skin MD Natural shielding lotion

when i saw the date,i was like what???they never DID!!..that was a complete LIE! for what??to false assure the Winner!?..the only time they replied as far as i remembered was JUNE 15th.and they emailed me asking for thristens email when he already replied to her on May 27th...

and guess what...UP until now...Thristens still waiting for the Item...i tried Settling things through Email but it was just Too much for me,i feel disrespected,I was ABOUT TO SEND MY COMPENSATORY ITEMS to Thristen when they emailed me!!,it assured me that her Prize from SKinMD will get to her,so i didnt send her my "COmpensatory Items"...

What im trying to point out here is that,i never want any of my READERS to be ignored,SkinMD gave us their words so were expecting them to make it happen..Theres something wrong with these people,i mean was it hard for them to answer an email or a simple yes or no(will she or will she not going to receive the item)..GOOD thing that Thristen Accepted the items that i sent her just this week..I GAVE HER more than what SkinMD will give..because i felt so sad with what happened..disappointed and disrespected..I feel for Thristen,expecting something and then it never came...Again to Thristen "Im Sorry,and i hope you like all the items" (thristen actually gave me the permission to use her name and email about what skinMD did or did not do).

And To SKinMD..CD and AH....nah..its not worth it..oh maybe if you're going to email me that youll be sending the item for like 2nd time.(mind you its been almost 2 months!!).make sure its believable,or better yet just DO IT!! and dont just SPILL it...ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS..heres something to ponder. 
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Heres a warm look that will melt anything in your path haha(The torch much?).hope you guys like it..

warm shades of golds..
Products used:
  • Golden Fleece Eyeshadow
  • Mad minerals Sand Storm
  • Mad Minerals Trust
  • Etude house white eyeshadow
  • Maybelline 2in1 liner
  • falsies(i hate the falsies that i used here hehe)

closed..see how stiff the falsies looks..=D i threw it as soon as i finished taking photos.

down gaze

  • Maybelline mineral Liquid Foundation Shell beige
  • The Body SHop Brush on Bronze
  • Clinique  Pearl Bronze Shade

just a light touch of lipgloss and bronzers/peach shade of blush and im good to go

and a little nose contouring wont hurt hehe.

hope you guys like warm touches of eyeshadows..enjoy your day lovelies mwuah
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Movie Must Have..FOOD FOOD and FOOD

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food is a must have when watching a movie,well at least for me and Mr R it is..when we go to trinoma to watch a movie here are my Food Must have!!!

Munch on this yummies!!! Taters Fish and Chips..and Mrs Fields CHocolate Muffins..for drinks.well i go for Tokyo Tokyo's Red Iced Tea.

you may also take this scrumptious Cinnabon out for the Movie..

this is their plain but Still!! uber tasty cinnabon treat.

and who can resist this one..not me..the smell is just so..hmmm..Heavenly haha.

they also have a cinnabon raisin Bread,you can ask for a free taste if you want..Mr. R loves Free tasting..well cause..ITS FREE!

And Before we go inside the cinema we always eat first..=D..Try BIGOLI..its super affordable compared to other restaurant plus some of their food is above average...I like their pesto here compared to chef de angelos plus they offer big servings.

YEAH i know im a Pig..haha.well Mr R and I enjoy each others company,with or without food,but i prefer the part with it.haha
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Readers Request:Simple Bridal Make up and Hair...

Monday, June 28, 2010
heres a look for all the lovelies,a requested look by a bride to be i guess..hehe.anyway,since im not that pro when it comes to hair and its quite hard doing it to myself i hope you still find it suitable for the Big Day..

there are two options either you decorate your hair from the back or the side with dangling hair ornaments(this is the only hair accessories that i have that will look good with the hair haha),cant get a decent shot,but those are swirly hairs..(lower part)..a very messy swirly hairs haha

side view..you can easily fix those baby hairs with a decent hair spray..

..i something weird myself out..haha,put on false eyelashes,natural types are your best bet,since they're not as heavy and fake looking as the synthetic ones.

i used purple eyeshadow which in my opinion will suit any skintone.dont over do your eyebrows we still want them to look natural baby hairs are okay sometimes.

cover imperfections!we dont want to see flaws on your wedding photo..use sweat proof and opaque concealers so that you wont have to re apply them to get the desired coverage..to avoid looking cakey

Cheeks..i used an ORANGE shade Blush..it'll look great on photography contoured and highlighted my cheeks with a cream contouring makeup..avoid using makeup with tons of shimmers as it may wash your face looking ashy,and shiny on pics.For the Lips any Shade will do even RED if youre up to it...but just to make me look fresh,young and sweet..i used a pink-ish peach shade of lipstick.

Usually the kind of makeup one must have during her Big Day is just something that will enhance and not change her look,i still want my Husband to be to recognize me despite the makeover,and see my simplicity underneath all the makeup.

another creepy pose haha.See how lashes can make a big difference..it will blow his heart away when you bat those lashes.=D

so thats it again..hope you guys like it.. i tried my best on the hair hehe.
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Play Paradise for the Kiddos:Kevins Play House at SM Sta.Mesa

Sunday, June 27, 2010
this entry is not connected with any beauty prods or skincare products...but for those peeps who wants his/her little one to have  something to play with or wants him/her to interact with others scroll down for more.

kevins rate..this is located at SM sta Mesa near Department store(Last floor)

they have a helper to assist the kiddos,most play house that ive been doesnt have anyone to look after the kids,yes they have someone inside the pen but all they do is clean up the toys that the kids used..they dont care if they fall or got smacked by a toy by another kid..their not liable,that is why youre free to enter..

computer games for the techie kids.i remember when i went to sm san lazaro to put lil r on the playhouse located near WOF(3rd floor) he was smacked by a toy..and the kid was bigger than him..poor baby cried for mommy...the 2 ladies there didnt care at all,i never came back to that place again..hmmpf.

though their place is not big,Lil r enjoyed himself..

i always make sure to bring him atleast twice a week to places like this,so that he can learn how to mingle,share,and play with other kids..

and of course its not Lil r if he wont climb on to chairs,tables,run around,and under different stuffs..good thing the lady there was kind enough to put him down..for like 4 times haha..

most mall have different play house like this for our kids,the most expensive but most fun(even by me) play house that lil r went in was the one in Mall Of Asia (kids universe) it was HUGE!!! 3 floors and they have tons of activities and toys for the kids.
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How to:Revamped Custom Made Palettes,Pressed

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
you know how i love to re use or revamped my stash,been actually doing that since i was a kiddo,and i still do that up until now...

ordinary elf eyeshadow palettes that i revamped...thats tattoos with a glittery polish.

i pressed some pigments on the pan..mixed some pigments too to create new shade,thats one way of making use of your pigments if youre getting bored with their shades.

this is the bare escentuals love pearl collection..they were pretty sheer in their loose form,theyre more of a highlighter than an eyeshadow for me,but when pressed their shade became bolder,its still a little too sheer for me though.

mad minerals.(i pressed them really well cause my son threw this palette and it survived,,)

mixed eyeshadows..i use the upper right to highlight,its a perfect highlight shade for me,though my most used eyeshadow in this palette is the upper right..my perfect gold shade.it looks and shines like a real crushed gold.

i still have a few pigments left from mad minerals i often give them to my clients when i do 1on1 beauty talk,since i already have my own.
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I want/need a NOKIA E series/touch phones....

Monday, June 21, 2010

im really not a techie kind of person,im okay with just a phone that can receive and send calls/messages,dont care if its the oldest model there is as long as its functioning well,i usually dont complain..the gadgets that i had were an ipod video which caught the eyes of a lowlife since it was all the hype back then and was stolen from me when i was on an OJT at norzagaray(may that person receive ten folds of bad karma).GGggrrr.now i have the ipod shuffle which i find handy and cute(i dont use it though),the phone that i had was a SEw910 which i so dearly loved for the past 2 years or more,until it went all wacky..and then finally broke..

(nokia X6 and nokia e72 and e 75)
.but just this week i saw phones with keypads similar to a desktop keyboards...i was informed yesterday that theyre called "Qwerty" phones..and i fell in love again...when i was browsing through google i saw tons of touch screen phones,though im not into that kind of phones cause im afraid i might break it(lol),i still want them.but my heart still beats faster for the qwerty phones.

(NOKIA e71 and Nokia 5800)
they both look so classy.it may sound weird but i cant stop thinking of these phones...

this was the first ever qwerty phone that i saw...love the color~..tell me is it too much to ask to have any of this phones..?but i have to be patient,cause we still have to buy a battery for our laptop..thats a whooping 9-10,000php .(MAN!!!)..but Mr r said that we only have to repacked the battery...

what phones will you chose?Nokia's e71,e72,e75,e63,5800 or x6?
Let me know ladies.HUGS..have you experienced this kind of dilemma?

PLS DO VISIT MY STASH SALE on the right sidebar
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Davines Style world 20 Onstage Photos

Friday, June 18, 2010
stylist have their own gig to entertain the spectators,the last years winner did a Vampiric entrance so to speak.

here he was styling her model

heres the contestants doing their thing.dancing to the tune of lady gagas song while cutting hair

see what i mean,they have their own style to entertain the audience,she even put on her tiara while cutting hair.

and heres the brand performers.

starting with the Davines Ambassador

Never seen so much hair in my life..thats 10 feet long or more..

kristine hermosa's sister

lourd ramos and her creations

dont you just love the dress...

and look at the back...thats my kind of cocktail suit..=D

Brian Suhr a world renowned hair stylist on action

will post the photos of the girls makeup..me and verns made them up,so we got to watch brian do his thing back stage hehe

anyway thats it for me thanks for visiting have a blessed weekends lovelies hugs
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