Product Review:Maybelline Long Extreme Double Mascara

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Here is another mascara review for you ladies,so for all you ladies who's into mascaras(like me)lenghtening,volumizing or both read on to find out how this mascara works for me..
Price:599 php (available on any local maybelline stores)
 Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara from Maybelline New York! Double stretch, double the magic! Our base coat stretches lashes up to 85% longer, while our top coat seals the length for up to 24 hours! 100% smudge-proof until you wash it off with water.

oh and this is a dual ended mascara.
like any 2 ended mascara the first step is applying the base(1), this white gunk will be the key on lengthening those lashes.
*The white base coat primes lashes by perfectly setting them with balanced combination of conditioning agents and polymer..results?85% longer lashes

the 2nd and last part is applying the mascara itself,this top coat will cover the white base and add drama to your peepers
*Applied over the first coat,the black top coat seals lashes with a tube like wrapping that seals your longer lashes for up to 24 hours.

*The oval-shaped basecoat brush features short bristles for optimum product deposit, together with longer bristles for smoothing and combing lashes. It is complemented by a topcoat brush that takes the form of a subtle hourglass shape with ideal bristle spacing to evenly coat, elongate and stretch lashes from root to tip.
here is how it works:

Bare lashes vs lashes with the mascara base(1)

Bare lashes vs lashes with maybelline long extreme mascara base and coat

Bare lashes vs lashes with maybelline long extreme mascara

see how it lengthens my lashes,but lets scratch the thought of 85% longer clumps compared to cat eyes mascara,i also noticed the it somehow weighs my curls down,so i have to curl my lashes twice than i normally do

what i like about this is that its easier to remove compared to their cat eyes mascara,indeed it have the fibre like tube that coats the lashes to make it longer,you can pull them yourself after you washed or wet it with warm water hehe
*The beauty of this mighty mascara is that it lasts for as long as you want it to – and not a second more. Its easy-wash-off formula is dislodged in less than 30 seconds with warm tap water. The tube-like wrappers simply slide off intact, with no rubbing required.

  • Lengthens really well
  • 2 ended mascara
  • easy to remove
  • doesn't clump
  • Affordable compared to other 2 ended mascara
  • Doesn't Smudge,flake
  • i have to curl my lashes twice as much cause it weighs my curls a little bit
will i repurchase?? probably no..its a great mascara but im more of a volumizing mascara lover.

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Anonymous said...

that strand thing looks kinda gross... does it look like that when u "wash" or "remove" the mascara ? ? ? that's weird.

Anonymous said...

i think you have long, thick lashes already! i find non-japanese mascaras quite heavy.. i know exactly how you feel!

Elsa said...

hmmmm great product sis... Ill go and test if first at the counters!

Khymm (Shopcoholic) said...

i prefer volumizing mascaras too! natry mo na volume expess (regular formula, not the cat eye version)? this is my HG mascara! =)

donnarence said...

shobe nice review.. like ko din yung nagvolumize ng lashes hindi lang yung naglengthen..

Pammy said...

Nice review, Shobe. It's just so sad that it weighs down the curls. :(

Camille(SHOBE) said...

eleventh of april-yes thats how the look like hehe,it kinda looks cool to me baby calls them worms

nic-thanks dear,i do have long(not that long though) lashes but not really that thick..

elsa-yes sis best way is to test them first!!

KHYMM-hehe volumizing gives the impression of longer lashes na din kasi,though not as much as when you use lengthening talaga..not yet pa eh,ill go try sa counter!!

Donna-thanks donna,im using cat eyes loyal talaga me hehe,pero i still use my first tibe of long extreme.

Pammy-yes that bothered me as well..=( pero not that much naman,i think i shouldve curled them better .

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