LBB's Pre- Fashion Week Personal Experience.

Thursday, May 27, 2010
ive been very busy this past few days one reason was because of the Philippine Fashion Week..we had to train for it,since this is a very big event,i was there with 3 pros and 3 talented non pros(MUA),plus several hair stylists...

on our first wee i wasnt able to take a lot of pictures..just this one..theres my brush roll..hello babies!.

2nd week..Mr. R my ever so pasensyosong husband..*resisting to make a turn* haha.

we were our own models..

it was hard,but it was fruitful..very different than my normal client makeup..and when i say different i mean different DIFFERENT..just think how can fashion models look so perfect and jump from one look to another every time they went in and out of the stage..

we enjoyed our training,those 3 days per week we spent at Lourds House,we learned something new..New Stuff,techniques,must Buys,etc.

aftermath..hehe.took this shot while we were packing.

on our last day:
i just had to take this how it looks..

very neat,i have a mangkok on my head..=D

verna,with her long wavy hair extension.isnt she pretty!

me with sweat all over my face hehe.not my usual look eigh?

so thats it for now guys will update you on  the Philippine Fashion Week sometime after this week.ill be there @ wed26-friday28-saturday29..not as a model dont let the photos fool you hehe,we'll be there to do makeup.see you when i see you!

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Elsa said...

goodluck camille, more pictures to posts!!!!

NeuroChiq said...

Haha, LOL or your hubby resisting the turn! =P

I'm sooo proud of you, Shobe! Goodluck, and I know you will be rocking PFW! =D

Lauren said...

The makeup looks fantastic! Congratulations on landing this gig. I hope you can take photos of the runway models. :)

Nikki San said...

I like the mangkok hair do. haha! Neatly done! Good luck on your gig. I'm sure you'll make the models look gorgeous. :)

Jing said...

its really fulfilling to see you soaring, flying, and fulfilling what you love. keep it up camille! =)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thanks ladies.yesterdays fashion show went well love yaah

maki said...

wow you're so good! i love your eyelashes too

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