Philippine Fashion Week-Back Stage. Day 3(Premiere B)

Sunday, May 30, 2010
heres another back stage photos for you guys for the philippine fashion week.hope you enjoy them ~
i remember that hair style..hehe it was my mangkok hair.

this is one pretty gal,when i was doing her makeup i cant help but adore her radiant skin.

guy makeup.

i remember her from the photoshoot i was the one who did her makeup back then as well.

heres a photo of the model and jen.hehe.look how tall she is...i didnt took a lot of photos cause it was prohibited not until the show ends,and we were so busy that day,Models must chagne into 5 different lipshade everytime they come out of the stage from Nude,Pink,Red,Nude, was really challenging specially from red lips to nude lips within a minute or less.the transitions were really fast,but we did well.yey!.

will post more photos for the third and final day.=D. we did 50 models for penshoppe,and more than 15 (guestimate) models from premiere C.
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Hello ladies,here are some photos that i got during the Philippine Fashion Week Day 1,Makeup and hair for Visions and Trends..enjoy ladies

before we start.Makeup Station..

Hair Station

Me right before doing makeup,i wish to own a lighted mallet like that soon as we packed up we went straight to the back stage

behind the stage this is what we do.

tall and slender models..

i love what they did to the hair kudos to the hair team.YEY.

heres the photos of some of the collections.
*photos courtesy of style bible* photo

the makeup artists with r2(hair stylist)

Heeelllooo there wata.!!hehe (the one doing the peace pose)

thats it more photos on my multiply site just click the photo on the sidbar to go to my beauty escapades.mwuah!!!!!! 
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Product Review:Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks

Friday, May 28, 2010

costs:Php 575 (watsons,local department stores,revlon counters)

ColorBurst Lipstick uses Elasticolor technology to distribute rich color pigments evenly over lips and allows the formula to move comfortably with lips – like a second skin! ColorBurst Lipstick is also infused with moisturizers and antioxidants such as Sweet Almond Oil to improve lip texture and prevent drying. 

  • Innovative pigments provide immediate, high-pigment color release on lips to give rich color in just one swipe
  •  Unique Elasticolor technology hugs lips with an explosion of color that feels virtually weightless
  • Contains film-forming polymers for longer wear and skin conditioning properties
  • Moisturizers and anti-oxidants, including Sweet Almond Oil, improve lip texture
  • Beautiful packaging, with premium bullet lipstick case and embossed Revlon logo on bullet

Blush-True Red-Plum
Nice Crisscross packaging.

the packaging looks and feels really classy,it looks a little like nars lipstick packaging to me,it has a sticker seal so its guaranteed new,and never been tested.

swatches(one swipe)-Left to right-BLUSH,TRUE RED,PLUM
some may find it a little tad she,the shade is buildable until you achieve your desired pigmentation..

without flash(top)/With Flash(bottom)-2 Swipes No LipLiner
with just one swipe this doesnt look like a true red to me at all,its more of a light red berry,but with two swipes i got the shade that i was looking for

Blush(left)with flash/Right(w/o)-3-4 swipes
Blush is my lips but better shade..i have to do several swipes for me to achieve this shade..

Plum(left)w/o flash/(right)with flash-2swipes
Plum is my shade when i want something that screams ATTITUDE!....the flash somewhat faded the shade off.

me wearing True red-Blush-Plum.
all have this semi glossy finish,which is a plus for me since i can always blot it off with a powder on a tissue.
True Red-i love this kind of shade on my lips,a lot of people complemented how nice this looks on my skintone,and how powerful it looks..=D(Classy!)
Blush-great for everyday wear,it looks exactly like my lips shade,but better!(Sweet!)
Plum-see how lovely it looks??i think this lipshade suits most skintone..its my "dont mess with me" Lipshade..=D(Edgy!)

now lets talk about the staying power

my lips with revlon true red..(with lipliner)applied at 11:00 am....i ate and drunk bottled water,etc etc. haha.some of the people who saw me wearing this lipshade asked what Lipstick am i it from mac,chanel,etc..cause they love how true the red is on my lips. 

me during the show at 6:00 pm..
see how it stayed...well the lip liner helped a lot but you can definitely tell that the lipstick is still almost as good as i applied it..never underestimate the power of a Lipliner girls.

  • wide variety of shades (20 lipshades to choose from)
  • great staying power
  • in terms of moisturizing this wins compared to colorsensational(maybe bec it has sweet almond oil)
  • very sleek packaging!
  • pigmentation can be sheer and as bold as you want it to be.
  • Doesnt feel heavy on the lips.(feels just like a lipbalm)
  • Hugs my lips without sinking in on my liplines.
  • Semi-Glossy finish.

  • some may find it expensive
  • no more...hehe

overall-i love the colorburst line.theres not much to say on a long as they have:
  1. Great Pigmentation
  2. Great lasting Power
  3. Great Finish
  4. Moisturizing
  5. and people notice how great you look or that theres something wonderful when you have it on its a Fab Lipstick to have,for me.
thats it ladies thanks for visiting..ohh and i will have to say my sincere apology to tristhen..more of this on my next post..ill make it all up to you dear.
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LBB's Pre- Fashion Week Personal Experience.

Thursday, May 27, 2010
ive been very busy this past few days one reason was because of the Philippine Fashion Week..we had to train for it,since this is a very big event,i was there with 3 pros and 3 talented non pros(MUA),plus several hair stylists...

on our first wee i wasnt able to take a lot of pictures..just this one..theres my brush roll..hello babies!.

2nd week..Mr. R my ever so pasensyosong husband..*resisting to make a turn* haha.

we were our own models..

it was hard,but it was fruitful..very different than my normal client makeup..and when i say different i mean different DIFFERENT..just think how can fashion models look so perfect and jump from one look to another every time they went in and out of the stage..

we enjoyed our training,those 3 days per week we spent at Lourds House,we learned something new..New Stuff,techniques,must Buys,etc.

aftermath..hehe.took this shot while we were packing.

on our last day:
i just had to take this how it looks..

very neat,i have a mangkok on my head..=D

verna,with her long wavy hair extension.isnt she pretty!

me with sweat all over my face hehe.not my usual look eigh?

so thats it for now guys will update you on  the Philippine Fashion Week sometime after this week.ill be there @ wed26-friday28-saturday29..not as a model dont let the photos fool you hehe,we'll be there to do makeup.see you when i see you!
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Product Review:Maybelline Long Extreme Double Mascara

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Here is another mascara review for you ladies,so for all you ladies who's into mascaras(like me)lenghtening,volumizing or both read on to find out how this mascara works for me..
Price:599 php (available on any local maybelline stores)
 Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara from Maybelline New York! Double stretch, double the magic! Our base coat stretches lashes up to 85% longer, while our top coat seals the length for up to 24 hours! 100% smudge-proof until you wash it off with water.

oh and this is a dual ended mascara.
like any 2 ended mascara the first step is applying the base(1), this white gunk will be the key on lengthening those lashes.
*The white base coat primes lashes by perfectly setting them with balanced combination of conditioning agents and polymer..results?85% longer lashes

the 2nd and last part is applying the mascara itself,this top coat will cover the white base and add drama to your peepers
*Applied over the first coat,the black top coat seals lashes with a tube like wrapping that seals your longer lashes for up to 24 hours.

*The oval-shaped basecoat brush features short bristles for optimum product deposit, together with longer bristles for smoothing and combing lashes. It is complemented by a topcoat brush that takes the form of a subtle hourglass shape with ideal bristle spacing to evenly coat, elongate and stretch lashes from root to tip.
here is how it works:

Bare lashes vs lashes with the mascara base(1)

Bare lashes vs lashes with maybelline long extreme mascara base and coat

Bare lashes vs lashes with maybelline long extreme mascara

see how it lengthens my lashes,but lets scratch the thought of 85% longer clumps compared to cat eyes mascara,i also noticed the it somehow weighs my curls down,so i have to curl my lashes twice than i normally do

what i like about this is that its easier to remove compared to their cat eyes mascara,indeed it have the fibre like tube that coats the lashes to make it longer,you can pull them yourself after you washed or wet it with warm water hehe
*The beauty of this mighty mascara is that it lasts for as long as you want it to – and not a second more. Its easy-wash-off formula is dislodged in less than 30 seconds with warm tap water. The tube-like wrappers simply slide off intact, with no rubbing required.

  • Lengthens really well
  • 2 ended mascara
  • easy to remove
  • doesn't clump
  • Affordable compared to other 2 ended mascara
  • Doesn't Smudge,flake
  • i have to curl my lashes twice as much cause it weighs my curls a little bit
will i repurchase?? probably no..its a great mascara but im more of a volumizing mascara lover.
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Product Review: Marionnaud Brushes

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Ive been hearing about this brushes on a forum,so i went to the nearest watsons to check em out and grabbed two brushes..that caught my eyes

 foundation brush ..costs more or less 139 php..forgot the exact price.

this is how big the brush' head is on my hand...made out of synthetic bristles..just want to say that this one is not a good Foundation Brush...its flimsy,takes too much time for me to blend the foundation,and it leaves a streaky finish,especially if you're in a hurry..most foundation brush that i have are made out of i guess that explains it..

pointed eyeshadow brush..this is what really caught my eyes,it looks like a pencil brush to me,though its quite flimsy,not really that dense but for 89php theres not much to complain..made out of synthetic bristles too.

here are the classy they dont look cheap at all..

the brand is Marionnaud,hmm,i was like marionnaud?? isnt it a store where they sell branded high end makeups like clinique estee lauder,clarins,mac,etc..more like our own mini sephora of high end brands..but whatever the reason behind this,i wont dig it any check them out on your nearest watsons,they have a large Powder Brush,Foundation Brush,Concealer,Retractable,Slanted Blush Brush,Eyeshadow brush,Eyebrow Brush.and more i think...

considering their cheap price and sleek handles,its worth the buy,but ill just use this personally,i guess the other brushes will do great since synthetic fibers delivers great as a blush,powder,eyeshadow, and as a concealer brush.

thats that ladies thanks for visiting..GIVEAWAY WILL END this MIDNIGHT..thanks for all the lovelies who joined!
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