Product Review: Cellnique Skin Action Gel Plus

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
So its time for another LBB is our body's largest system,and in my own opinion the dirtiest,since this is the exit stage of our bodies toxins,like sebums and sweats to name a few,not only that it serves as the first line of defense to those nasty bacterias and external impurities..So we have to take care of our skin cause it may also helps us boost our self esteem..Especially the skin on our face being much delicate than our body.

Since i have oily skin i tend to get comodones,its something that oily people have in common i guess..over stimulated glands plus external impurities,plus excessive face washing(well in my case),= congestion and sometimes these congestion may turn to something worst..CYSTIC ACNE!!

the good thing within the bad thing is that even though i have congestions it rarely transforms itself to cystic acne..actually i think that the products i am using right now is what's keeping me away from that transformation..

treating Skin Problems:
Acne Prone Skin,Pustules,Scars,Congestion

Suitable Skin Type:Oily
So these past few days 2 of them transformed one on my chin and one on my cheeks..
i call him Optimus prime(transformers!)this was actually his 3rd day of life on my chin that is why its not that inflammed anymore.and i applied the skina action gel plus on its 4th day

this was Megatron!! it was his 5th day and i applied the skin action gel plus on the 3rd day,on megtrons 1st day he was Mega Inflammed....when i touched it or like when i just slightly tug my skin near it,it hurts!!and the bad part of it all was on his 2nd day i tried to squeeze it out...(i usually have that bad habit of squeezing=( )thus the next day it was so sore and bigger...then i received the skin action gel plus but before i applied it i first did my own research on its ingredients and the product,i actually did not find anything helpful,except for some ingredients,then the next day i applied it hehe....Morning and night.

the next day redness all gone...i think the emu oil also helped..its like a clean canvas with one red uber noticeable dot..people will tend to notice..glad that it worked.!

and the day after..barely noticeable.

on lightening marks..well i recently broke out because of the product that i used in my new skin care routine..see?im actually on the recovery phase in this photo..

close left me a mark..i can feel that it still has some pus or whatever inside..i applied skin action gel plus with emu oil of course i do exfoliate once every week and this is the result...

my photo after i exfoliate..barely visible scars..i want to clear that i also used different prods,they went well with skin action gel tissue growth.

im liking it!!!as a spot treatment,this comes in 30ml and i think this will last me a long time,i asked cellnique if i can apply this on areas where i have comodoes(blackheads and whiteheads)only,but they said that it's not recommended for that,i can only apply this on areas with acne lessions,but on the bottle it said that " proven formula to reduce comedones and inflamed acne lesions and to lighten acne marks" i think its up to you,on how will you use it..

  • it works on reducing the inflammation and redness of my pimple
  • a little goes a long way(this is not recommended for the whole face..this is just for spot treating acne)
  • odorless
  • the packaging looks classy
  • did not aggravate my skin
  • stings a bit on the first application,but after a few seconds it goes off
  • dont expect that this will dry your zit in just one night..same as lightening acne mark.
  • the price is quite steep
  • Might break you out

2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Jing said...

whenever i have cystic acne, i feel like im dying. not because of shame but because it hurts like hell !!!

good thing the product works for you shob.

Jenny said...

thanks for the detailed (and close up!) review! i love using witch hazel as a main ingredient in my toner :)

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