LBB Random:Ebisu Muscat's BANANA MANGO HIGH SCHOOL Song..What??

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
okay so Mr.R made me watch this video of 25?!(?) sexy girls dressed in their nighties singing and dancing at the same time...the title of the song is Banana Mango Highschool...hmm the title seems ambiguous... i mean Banana Mango...sounds good right?  now connect it with Highschool? what??.okay despite the enigmatic connection of fruits and educational leveling,the song..and by song what i mean is rhythm is kind of only problem is that this is a Japanese song,i really dont know what the girls are saying in most ,prolly all part of the song...with the exception of ...BANANA MANGO HIGHSCHOOL over and over..oh plus the perky dance steps..(*me reaches up high while wiggling my waist*) may i present to you...ladies..BANANA MANGO HIGHSCHOOL by Ebisu Muscats

i asked Mr. R who in the world are those ladies,and he said..quote, they're  porn stars.;how the??what the??yeah the computer downstairs are loaded with  porn videos..boys will be to make this post short...they're cute,they dance weird,they're pretty porn stars dancing in their nighties,pretty unique..i find the whole thing strangely cute...=D..Warning...this may Lead to LAST SONG SYNDROME..

Tell me What you think of them??

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2 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Ida said...

Hehehe cute video. :) I watched it with my little girl. So they're porn stars? I wonder what they're saying in the song.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

ida hehe,cute noh,yes they are,me too im curious theyre pointing at theyre breast when they say mango...wah haha

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