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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I am no professor but this is how i see them,and since i do have this kind of skin problems,sharing them might give you an idea as to what they really are

When i started using skin care products i noticed that there are a lot of skin problems one person can carry
mine...Congestion,open pores,dehydration,and so on..

Skin problems occurs differently depending on what skin type you far as i know..for example
I have oily skin...people with this skin type usually have Congestions(such as blackheads and whiteheads)
Open pores,or over stimulated sebaceous gland or dehydration..that's the package the we carry with our kind of skintype..

Congestion-as the name implies it is when our skin becomes clogged with impurities such as dead skin cells,sebums,improper skin care routine,stress,etc.,Most congestions progress to acne,i have tons of congestions the only thing that's keeping them from forming into acne is my skin care routine,this cannot be eliminated but it can be controlled.

Acne-Acne happens to almost anyone,it begins as a congestion and further develop into pustule,which we all know as acne..when the congested area becomes infected acne will usually develop,there are tons of causative factors why acne occurs..

Hormonal,Genetics,Congestion,Bacteria itself,improper skincare routine,our body's physiological process to inflammation,SQUEEZING!,External Factors.

What about ice??(i used to do this method when i was in highschool)
Body's physiological reaction on inflammation-i remember when one of my prof. told me why after obtaining a cut or wound it swells. it is our body's defensive reaction to neutralize or eliminate the offending agent,and to prepare the area for repair,chemotaxis is a process where our body communicates with the WBC to move towards the site,this process makes the site inflammed and reddish in appearance externally...if you apply ice on it for example right after you squeeze it our vessels will constrict thus preventing the macrophage to move on the site hence preventing chemotaxis from happening....
Choose products that are non comodogenic,lanolin free,oil free,etc.

Open Pores-
I myself have some quite obvious pores,all of us have pores,one reason why it enlarges is our sebaceous gland sebum productivity,the older we get the larger our pores become because our skin looses its elasticity that results in sagging.there are other factors that contributes to open enlarged pores,when you have lare open pores,impurities gets trapped and accumulate inside thus resulting in comodones,then it further develops into acne...see the cycle??,once you squeezed out the congested area,the pores doesnt have the ability to shrink back to its original size..that is why squeezing is not recommended(but i for one am guilty of doing this)..

One thing i have heard that works in pore minimizing is ice...well this is only temporary,only for a short period of time,since ice makes the muscles and vessels constrict,and tightens the skin,but it may irritate you especially if you have sensitive skin

Aging-aging is inevitable,as we age our skin loose elasticity,our recovery process decrease,skin discoloration may also occur(another problem),our skin thins,fine lines and wrinkles appear..(uggh)they are unavoidable but they may be lessen..

Promote healthy lifestyle,use sunblock cause sun exposure can increase skin aging,use anti aging products if necessary...and more...

Dehydration-this is how i view dehydration,it can happen to oily skin as well,my skin is dehydrated it lacks moisture too that is why im oily,skin sends signal to the sebaceous gland to produce more oil to compensate that is why i appear oily....on dry skin it lacks moisture on the outer most layer of our lacks moisture not sebum that is why its dehydrated,when you have dry skin you lack oils so basically they are not the same..hope that makes sense hehe.

There a lot of factors that contributes to dehydration one thing is environmental factors,Sun exposure,ifestyle,and improper skin routine

This is only some of the skin problems one may have .. i am experiencing all of these that is why i am able to share the facts to you guys.....hope this helps..if you have any question dont hesitate to ask..

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Jing said...

my problems are:
1. oilyness next to ugliness
2. aging
3. mga pasulpot sulpot na pimples

ang hirap naman gumanda!

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