How To:Being A Mom/Keeper..keeping the Cool amidst the Confusion

Thursday, April 22, 2010
my life looks great but its not easy,well most of us knew that and found that out ourselves,i became a mom/keeper at an early age,for me it was like an emotional roller coaster ride..theres a lot of what if's,i really didnt know what to do,what will happen to me,my social life,my studies,my everything,then i came to realize that i should stop thinking about MYSELF and start noticing all the blessings that i am actually receiving despite all the unplanned events,anyway its not really that hard,i mean how can it be when you are holding one near you...all the love that i could ever have,smiling crying and even throwing up milk in such a small body..

Look how young i was haha,lil r was just about a few months old in this photo,how can someone be so hateful about what she had become when you are holding an angel

i remember when he first walked without any one holding him,we were at the beach..he was wiggling at first but every time he fell he always finds the strength to stand up,and run back into my arms.

i know moms like me feel the same way as i do whenever i see my baby crying,sick,burning with fever..i almost always want to cry myself,wishing that i could take all the pain by myself.

theres never a dull moment in my life,although theres a lot of planning that i still need to accomplish,i now have every reason to pursue my goal...the bond between a mother and her child is very unique,something that is unexplainable,i bet you daddies out there wonder why we understand them better in such ways you cant explain.

PS: not to mention the running and shouting and mind blowing exhibition that my son do.. everythings fine haha.

anyhuu heres some tips on how to keep your cool and de stress those wrinkles from female network

Believe in the power of music.

If you feel like you stress is all bottled up and ready to pop, turn on the radio or play your favorite CDwhen working, and sing along if you feel like it—it doesn’t matter if your kids think your music sucks! Don’t let them screw up your karaoke time. Go ahead and sing, or even dance along with the music. You can probably even get your kids to dance with you and redirect their energies to something fun but not chaotic. As they say, music lifts the soul, so try to use it as an alternative de-stressor for you. Who knows? If you start them young enough, your kids may learn to love the music you love—plus, you’ll be creating special memories they’ll associate with the old “standards.”

Call a friend and vent!

When was the last time you called a friend just to chat? Perhaps it’s time to catch up with your high school or college barkada or at least vent to someone when you find your kids come close to driving you bonkers. Your friend may help you find that positive vibe that’s been buried under the stress by helping you look at the bright or funny side of your situation or offering you advice for dealing with your kids’ unflagging energy or never-ending drama.

Grab a snack.

Though most moms watch their weight after giving birth, enjoying a piece of your favorite dark chocolate or a small serving of ice cream can make you feel better when you’re having a bad day at home. Scientific findings back the idea that chocolate actually improves your mood—why don’t you prove it for yourself?

Just breathe and smile!
When all else fails, get out of the house, close your eyes, and just breathe in and out for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised at how this can release the tension and stress that piles up during the day. Afterward, go back inside your home and settle the chaotic world around you, feeling a little more clear-headed than before.

It’s also a great idea to look at the lighter side of things. As Bill Cosby used to say, kids say the darnedest things! While you might not want to reinforce cheeky behavior in your child, you can find time alone after an incident to remember your kid’s irreverent actions and laugh about it. According to FN’s article on the health benefits of happinessyour body releases endorphins whenever you smile, and endorphins help decrease stress. Laughter also achieves the same effect by releasing serotonin.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Moms are often the hearts of the household. Thus, if you’re stressed and disorganized, it’s often just a step away from your home turn stress-inducing and disorganized as well. Don’t forget to look out for yourselfand keep your energy and happiness levels up. A sluggish mom can create a sluggish household—and a happy mom can also create an equally happy household. So take time to breathe, smile, read a book, do yoga—in short, don’t stop taking care of yourself just because you’re too busy with your daily duties as a mom.Find and maintain your mommy Zen, practice it holistically, and very soon your kids, your home, and the rest of your life will begin to reflect some of that calm and order—and being a mom will become that much more fun!

Make time for yourself every morning.
Wake up way earlier than your kids do, though of course without depriving yourself of restful sleep. Walk around your garden (if you have one) and breathe in some fresh morning air. Try practicingmeditation or yoga to calm your mind and body. Taking some time for yourself every morning can give you a better perspective when dealing with stress at home later in the day.

Teach your kids to be independent—delegate!

Feeling like you have to do everything yourself just to get things done right, is a sure path to Stressville. Ease up on those perfectionist reins and help your kids learn to help themselves. Assign themhousehold duties so they’ll learn, little by little, to manage on their own. When they come to you for help with small things, such as homework or chores, don’t do the work for them—teach them how to do it themselves so they eventually learn to be independent. Think about it this way: if they’re not asking you to do things they can do themselves, you’ll have more time to do the tasks that they can’t or shouldn’t manage on their own.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have other family members around, enlist their assistance with looking after the kids or with other household tasks. If you try to do it all yourself, you may end up dropping from exhaustion. Learn from celebrity mom Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworksi, who encourages her kids to be independent—but takes an active role in their lives so they know they can depend on her.
Don’t meddle.

Frequently, when children argue, neither party is willing to listen or compromise. Don’t immediately jump in to play the middle-mom (pun intended). Let them learn how to settle things on their own; just be present to make sure things don’t get out of hand. While it’s good to be a hands-on disciplinarian, your kids will learn to compromise better if you let them muddle their way into finding a middle ground between themselves rather than having you lay down the law for them. Remember, you won’t be able to fix their problems when they grow up; it’s best to let them learn to do it themselves early on. 

have a nice day ladies

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Jing said...

all my hs and college friends they all have children. i am the only one left without any. sila sila na lang nag uusap pag may problems sila about children cos they know hindi ako makasabay sa kwento. but husband problems, they talk to me cos they know i can give them substantial advises.

i know youre a good mom...
and....... a very pretty mom!!!

Kayni said...

your son is so cute :) and this is a wonderful post. kudos to you for taking such a big responsibility. i am sure you're a wonderful mom to him. i'm blog hopping today and i'm looking forward to read your future posts.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

jing-hehe,theyre sharing thoughts,thats a good thing someday youll join the wagon,thanks hehe,i may not be a perfect mom but imtrying my best xoxo

kayni-hi there,thanks for hoping in my site,having a child at such a young age is really a big responsibility,and i am thankful that some people helped me in so many ways.xoxo

The NeuroChiq said...

Awww, touching post. You're one great mom! and I'm sure lil' R is so roud to have such a hot momma! ;-p

Nikki San said...

I can tell that you've grown to be much a mature and a loving individual. What the heck, your kid is so adorable!!! Lucky you. :)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

Dang-thanks dang,i hope he will, on the hot momma haha.

Nikki San-thanks Nikki,i keep on telling myself that hehe,he keeps my life full of everything,hehe this kiddo can tire you in just 5 mins.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

what a nice post,sis!

gustong gusto ko na magka-baby pero ayaw pa ko bigyan ni God ng baby e.I learned a lot from this post.

lil R is sooooooooooo cute!
*remembers the happy birthday song again*
mecha kawaii!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thiamere-thanks sis thia,hehe yeah he still do that,everytime he see's a cake he tells me "mommy mommy birthday kuuu" hahaha

Anna said...

I super like the last photo. I know your son is so proud of you. May tanong lang ako... nakakatakot ba kapag manganganak ka na? I'm really scared of that. But I really admire your courage to raise your child at such a young age. *Hugs you and your son* Hooray for young mothers!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hi anna,feeling anxious is just a small part of giving birth,ibang klase as in,the day that i gave birth and how it all started was funny pag iniisip ko siya,pero always think of keeping yourself and the angel safe,and that youll do everything even shout out loud while on the delivery room just to help you push hehe,yey for young proud moms

Anna said...

wow... I can't imagine myself giving birth. :(( I'm too scared of blood. But maybe when I get there... maybe when I come to the point where I need to be selfless... maybe that's when I can have the courage like yours. Haha! Gusto ko rin ng Baby BOY!!! Haha. Puede rin twins kaya lang goodluck naman sa panganganak. :))

Camille(SHOBE) said...

haha yeah pero wag muna parang youre too young pa ata( look whos talking heheh),youre right when that time comes you yourself will realize how important it is to PUSH!!hahah.have a nice day anna dear

CoLine said...

thanks for sharing, shobe..and i can see that you have a wonderful lil R that is because you've transformed to become a responsible and loving mother and a plus for being a one hot mama =)Someday when your lil boy grows up, i'm sure that he'll be a fine young man for having a mom like you. ♥hugs to you and lil R♥

Golden said...

I can totally relate to this being a Mom myself. Being a Mommy is so fulfilling though stressful at times. Thanks for the tips! Our little ones are bundle of joys indeed but they can also be a bundle of kakulitan. LOL. It won't hurt to have some ME time sometimes.

Lots of love,

Camille(SHOBE) said...

aaw thats so sweet coline thanks =D *hugs back*

golden-weee,thats right its fulfilling,i think moms should never forget their ME time,and that the DAD should atleast provide something to unwind the MOMS stress,haha.thanks sis godbless and stay safe to you and jamjam

Glenda said...

awww picture perfect!


Khymm said...

"i know moms like me feel the same way as i do whenever i see my baby crying,sick,burning with fever..i almost always want to cry myself,wishing that i could take all the pain by myself."

- correct ka dito shobe! its really fun being a mom eventhough kakapagod sometimes.. but really worth it yung pagtitiis natin. can't wait for my baby girl to grow up =)

ang cute talaga ni lil R! btw, you still look young now! promise..

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hehe thanks khymm pareho lang tayo kasi may hapiness and outlet kaya feeling young and looking young woot..ang cute cute kaya nga baby mu!!!ako naman i want a baby girl pero wag muna ngayon hehe

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