FOOD: Brod Pit Bar And Grill

Thursday, April 08, 2010
Whe we visited baguio we had our dinner here at brod pit's,this was said to be owned by Ms.Dina Bonnevie,but im really not that sure..

This place is near 50's dinner,Leonard Wood Road 

the ambiance was quite nice..their antiques totems and neutral earth color motif was very interesting

baked tahong...well i like seafoods,been a fan of mussels so i friggin like it,good for 2 people but i can eat them all by myself,im sorry i forgot the price

sizzling sisig,good for 2

buttered chicken,this is what i gobbled up the most haha,very juicy and aromatic.good for 2-3 person.not to mention the chocolate cake.(80-90php). =D

Lil r showing how behave he was...over all our meal summed up to 900 plus service charge inclusive
the food was nice as well as the ambiance,no doubt if ever ill visit baguio again ill come back to this joint.

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

The name of the restaurant is very funny but the food looks really tasty :)

Golden said...

Waa! Hubby and I haven't been there yet. We should definitely try that next time. The tahong looks so good ah.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Is this resto still open? Balita ko kasi nag sara na ata. please keep me posted..Food looks very yummy.

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