EVENT:Philippine Brandstorm National Finals 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Yesterday i was out almost the whole day Me and Mr R(thanks hon and google maps) went out for an event...i am not a guest..haha i was there to do makeup.

what is Brandstorm?
L’Oréal Brandstorm is an international business competition. It gives the unique opportunity to experience the realities of working in a global marketing environment.

its a competition of undergraduate students..the team with the best marketing strategy wins..and will be given the chance to fly to paris to compete internationally

The set....it was held at the A.venue Club Bureau

i had fun,it was tiring but fun!i was stunned by my co-MUA Prof. MU artists Jim Ros(One of maybelline's Color Artist) and Ms.Claire.hehe.i only had my little baby traincase plague with stickers with me hehe,according to ms.Claire its cute hehe.But when they unraveled their equipments,Men!Lots Of Tools and i love watching them work,its like theyre just having a smooth conversation with the client,so soft and pro,you can see that they really enjoy their profession.
hair time by Jerry Javier a loreal tecni artist who owns a salon named after him,there was another Hair Artist,i forgot his name..memory gap..(pardon me)..i was not able to take a picture of the ladies and gents who had their makeup done..cause we were too pre occupied,one after another.

(Me,Maybelline's Color artist Jim Ros,Ms Claire,and the one behind the cam, Loreal's Jerry Javier)
after all that,we said our goodbyes,cause we were hungry!!haha..look at me...look how oily i was...see??its like i wiped my face with a towel full of oils and stuff..i forgot to bring my hanky and never bothered to apply my powder..obviously...what i learned that time:

i need to have a lighted mirror..(its quite hard adjusting the foundations shade on dim lighted place)
bring a cup or any container for my brushes..
Need to practice grooming brows and bring a good Brow razor(hehe) i actually borrowed Sir Jims Razor cause mine was blunt.

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Elsa said...

wow! congrats sis... galeng ng event na to

lumelevel up ka na... *kisses*

Askmewhats said...

dear!! Jim Ros is very sweet! :) Congrats on the event!!!!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

elsa- heheh thanks ,di pa naman..long way to go

ms nikki-uu super nice and smiling face ^_^

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