just attended an event made by Maybelline,Matrix and Garnier,before that did you know that yesterday(or was it the day before)the heat moved up to 40 degrees?,i over heard it on the radio,moving on.. we arrived at tiendesitas cause that was our landmark not knowing(well Mr.R atleast..hehe) that the place was on the other side of the street haha,and we have to take quite a long drive for us to make a U turn,hehe.anyway we arrived there at around 3 pm.

busy people when we arrived...

first stop,hair by MATRIX,they treated me with some Hair Spa,blow dried my hair and gave it volume.=D

this is me after my hair treatment,i love the serum that they used on my hair, its the MATRIX Biolage Smooth Therapie Serum,will definitely purchase one as soon as i emptied my Proclaim bottle,i love how it made my hair soft,plus,i just love how my hair smells after.I saw Shen while my hair was getting pampered.=D.

next stop.... Makeup!!,i passed the nail treatments cause i already have them done the day after,Maybelline's Color Artists(left to right) Jim Ros,Harold Santos and Archie Tolentino

Harold Santos was the one who glammed me up,he used this product from garnier as a face primer/base,im starting to like garnier,i am currently using their eye roll on and acne spot treatment gel.

before the makeup =D,i just love their lighted mirror..this was the second time that someone did my makeup for me..the first time was when i was in gradeschool.... *winks*

almost there,i love how he fixed my brows,they are a living proof of disaster,(i remember harold said "Sino Ba Gumawa ng Brows Mo?") hehe,cause i have some bald patches in my brows.

Lips,by Maybelline ColorSensational Nude.

and wallah!~the finished and revamped me!i like it !,my skin looks Doll like,twas flawless,the way he applied my foundation was just Love,i have never worn this kind of heavy makeup,but i liked it,great for special occasions,the thing is even if its heavy,it did not look that way and neither cakey.

The foundation that he used was Angelfit Liquid Foundation apricot sand.

the snack bar..after i finished my pampering i took some photo's and chatted with Shen and Nikki

this was supposed to be a stolen shot lol hehe

Here's Jim Ros glamming up Shen..Just want to say a BIG THANKS JIM! for the invite. =D

and in the middle of Shen's makeup we took this photo since i have to bid them farewell,hehe.

Me and Nikki before her Makeup,hehe,its nice to have finally met them in person,both of them have this jolly vibes,plus they're very easy to talk to.

The lovely Ms.Trisha Chua,Maybellines Product Manager,i also got the chance to talk to Ms Katrina A. Villanueva from  L'oreal but my camera's battery went empty,nevertheless she's one pretty lady,at first i was a wee bit shy,but they were both so nice,so i manage to untight easily

natural lighting,just parked home

right after we got home..ill try garnier complete tomorrow,since it held up my makeup quite nice,considering how hot and humid it was..over all it was a fun hot day,lots of pretty ladies,and they definitely got pampered.

Just want to say thanks to the lovely persons that i met there,it was definitely a fab fresn and fun event.

don't you just love it when you get to meet new people~xoxo

7 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Kessa Thea said...

Very nice make-up. :-)

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thanks kessa hehe,nice noh.xoxoo

NeuroChiq said...

Very nice to be pampered no, ang pretty mo, Shobe! =)

Becky said...

OMG you look really gorgeous. Love the hair, it looks so healthy and i love the makeup too. It looks so soft and pretty :)

it looks like a really fun event.

Camille(SHOBE) said...

Dang-hehe uu,need ko ulit magpamassage my scolio hurts like uggh!,wa thanks dang!!!!xoxo

becky-nice noh!hehe i like it too,but not for everyday,since its quite heavy..=D

Askmewhats said...

you do look lovely and like I told you, I almost did not recognize you when you said HI, i had to think like a minute to remember yoU!!!!! You look gorgeous and I'm hoping to see you again!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

thanks Nikki!!!hehe,i saw you when you got out of the cab,actually it was my husband who saw you haha,me too!!

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