Product Review:Mac select cover-up Concealer

Friday, April 30, 2010
time for another review...featuring mac select cover up really not that finicky when it comes to concealer at all as long as it can cover my dark under eye circles its a winner for me...that's all that matters since i really dont have much acne scars to cover or anything like that.

Costs:900+ php ($16.50 on Mac Site)
Product Description:

Liquid camouflage for the skin. Texture-free, virtually invisible. Comes in a tube. Blends in. Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones. Makes skin flaw-free. Use pre-foundation, or on its own. Don't reveal it, conceal it!

contains 10ml of product,this will probably last me a long time my past concealer usually contains 8ml and it lasted me 6 months..

i like the packaging,it has a narrow tube opening,it dispenses the right amount of product,plus its very sanitary.


here's a tiny bit of the concealer on my skin...i chose nw25 since it looked a little bit salmony on my skin,and it perfectly conceals my dark eyebags,and cancels out the redness on my face.this is not a full coverage concealer its more of a sheer- medium coverage that you can layer,for me the coverage is good.

 Bare Eyes,my under eyes are not really that dark,but still you can see the bluish tone plus it looks tired .

with mac select cover up concealer,i totally love its natural finish,dries up Matte unlike my previous concealer which kinda illuminates my dark circles cause of its dewy wet like finish,Staying power is not that bad either,as long as i set it with powder,it will stay up at least 6-8 hoursif the weather is hot and humid,which is great.

heres a side by side comparison of mac VS shu uemura...
I used my fluffy blending brush similar to mac 224,or my fingers to blend the concealer,some people find it a little difficult to work with,maybe because it dries up as soon as you starts to blend for me,i did not had a hard time blending this concealer,one more thing,be sure to moisturize your eye area prior to this,i find it easier to blend that way.

  • Nice Packaging/Handy =D
  • Matte Natural Finish
  • Sheer-Medium but buildable coverage
  • Nice Shade Selection
  • Lots of Product(10ml)-
  • Didnt Broke Me out
  • Didn't Cake or Set in to fine lines
  • Covers my pimple quite well.

  • Some people find it quite drying,and difficult to blend(i didnt)
so that's it,over all this concealer works for me,although this is not my HG concealer it still does the job concealing my flaws..
Just be sure to moisturize the area you want to conceal if your having a hard time blending the concealer,also try to layer it and dont apply it all at once,since this dries up quite fast also to prevent caking .
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LBB Random:Ebisu Muscat's BANANA MANGO HIGH SCHOOL Song..What??

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
okay so Mr.R made me watch this video of 25?!(?) sexy girls dressed in their nighties singing and dancing at the same time...the title of the song is Banana Mango Highschool...hmm the title seems ambiguous... i mean Banana Mango...sounds good right?  now connect it with Highschool? what??.okay despite the enigmatic connection of fruits and educational leveling,the song..and by song what i mean is rhythm is kind of only problem is that this is a Japanese song,i really dont know what the girls are saying in most ,prolly all part of the song...with the exception of ...BANANA MANGO HIGHSCHOOL over and over..oh plus the perky dance steps..(*me reaches up high while wiggling my waist*) may i present to you...ladies..BANANA MANGO HIGHSCHOOL by Ebisu Muscats

i asked Mr. R who in the world are those ladies,and he said..quote, they're  porn stars.;how the??what the??yeah the computer downstairs are loaded with  porn videos..boys will be to make this post short...they're cute,they dance weird,they're pretty porn stars dancing in their nighties,pretty unique..i find the whole thing strangely cute...=D..Warning...this may Lead to LAST SONG SYNDROME..

Tell me What you think of them??

PS:2 more days before skin md giveaway ends..pls look at the sidebar.
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So its been a while since ive used this foundation,the past few tries were disastrous,but since i really want this product to work for me, i decided to try it for the very last time,they say the third try is the charm so what the heck,its my skin anyways.

retails for (1600php at marrinaud/shang/rustans)/26$
A one-step application of foundation and powder. Gives skin a smooth, flawless, all-matte, full-coverage finish. Long-wearing: lasts for up to eight hours. A real all-in-one. The choice of pros, and a long time favourite of MAC fans

back label,contains15g of product
i actually broke out when i used this a few months back,that was my second try,the first was when i was in my teen years

the powder is finely milled,you can see how thick the powder is with just one swatch,plus the shade selection is perfect,at first i find it confusing...what does NC,NW,N,C,W stands for

N-Neutral=great for Beige Skin
C-Cool=Yellow-Golden Olive Skin
W-Warm=Pinkish Skin
NW-Neutral Warm=Pinkish Beige Skin
NC-Neutral Cool=Golden Beige Skin
The Shade number-15,20, on=the higher the shade the deeper or darker the foundation gets

on my face it looks a little tad white upon application,but after a few mins the foundation tends to blend with my skintone,it evens out my skin tone,no question about it giving the best coverage for a powder foundation,i never have to use a concealer on my under eye area whenever i use this.

another shade Ii have is in NC40,this for me suits morena/medium-dark skin tones.

but it strangely suits my nc20-25 skin...will you look at that. =D..

side by side comparison nc40(left) and nc25(right)

side by side 40 looks orange-y on my skin hehe,but with a light brush swift it somehow matches my skin..nc25 on the other hand suits me perfectly,ive tried nc20 and that too went well with my skin tone.

one way of avoiding knock off Mac studio fix powder plus foundation is that the number above the barcode which is somewhere written at the box,should match the number on the packaging below where the label is.

  • Great Coverage
  • Nice Shade Selection
  • Sleek Packaging
  • Hygienic Wise(seperate compartment for the Sponge)
  • Can be use wet/dry(although MA told me that i can only use it dry)
  • A little Goes a long way(this will last you a long time)
  • Great for photoshoots(since it has no SPF,no white cast)

  • Quite Expensive(i got mine from macys thanks to a special someone)
  • This might break you out(well i did,but just recently all's well that ends well...i made it work for me!!!)
  • can sometimes look cakey(i use facial mist if it looks so)

So,i guess third time really is the charm!!!wooohooo.Now will i repurchase??maybe...for gigs an stuff..but since i really dont need this kind of heavy coverage i can pass this up,maybe i can find a close alternative minus the hefty price...
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Product Review: L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Here's my first liquid foundation review(as far as i know) for you guys,the L'oreal true match superblendable foundation with Hyaluronic Acid...MAN!!! thats a mouth full!!! this is their new reformulated formula by the way,i have this in R2(apricot ivory),and G6(golden caramel) which i think is their darkest foundation, at least that's what i saw on the counter
costs:900 something php(more or less around 20$)/30ml
This NEW foundation is the revamp of the existing formula with the addition of Ultra-Fine Enhancing Pigments to precisely match one's skin tone for a natural, even finish and luminous complexion. It is formulated with the various shades of Asian skin tone in mind and consists of 3 different groups of shades for Cool(R), Warm(G) and Neutral(N) skin tones. This new formula has included SPF17/PA++ as well as Vitamin C to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays and free radicals.

Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful moisturizer for the skin and also is found naturally in abundance in the connective tissue of our skin. It has high water-retaining property hence is able to provide hydration for the skin up to 24 hours. Besides, it also has anti-free radical action and helps in cell repair by stimulating collagen synthesis.

the foundation is not runny as compared to revlon colorstay which is more watery in consistency.a half pump dispenses this much product.

my bare face(dont mind the white gunk on my nose,thats my moisturizer,did not noticed that it was still there haha)

with the foundation on.the name implies it,i did not had a hard time blending the foundation,this doesnt stick really fast on your skin like the revlon colorstay but for me it dries quite fast,even if its dry you can still blend it,or maybe its because of the powder like finish.

My shade is R2(apricot Ivory) looks a tad lighter on my face,but its not really noticeable plus makeup tends to oxidize on my oily face,this will give you a semi matte finish,with Medium coverage that is buildable,it feels light which is a great factor for me considering that this may give you a Medium-full coverage.

since i prefer matte finish i just dust it off with the Ellana Espresso Con Pana,it did not cake on me either,havent used any foundation that cakes on me probably because of my oily skin.?.

after 3 and a half hours of walking and  running with lil r,through a crowded mall wide fades dont get me wrong,this is a good foundation,its just that on the way to the mall i have to walk a block away,and its super hot!you know how unbelievably hot it is nowadays,plus togging lil r with me,i bet even the highest end of the foundation would melt.(most of you know how i sweat..).so i would say its lasting power is not that great but not really that bad either..

  • Easy to Blend
  • Feels Light
  • Medium buildable coverage
  • semi matte finish
  • nice packaging(pump bottle)
  • Did not broke me out
  • good shade range(N-G-R)
  • decent SPF plus Vit c and Hyaluronic acid(great for summer)
  • No Funky Smell
  • not really that long lasting on my uber oily skin
  • Quite expensive for a drugstore brand(we dont call them drugstore brand here anyways)
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Playing with My Stash~Beyond Natural

Sunday, April 25, 2010
here's a random look i did just because...heheh something that you would not dare to wear out in the open haha.

  • Mac Studio fix powder foundation(nc25)
  • clinique pearl bronzer(shade name was rubbed off already)
  • maybelline angelfit blush in peachy sweetie
  • mac select cover up in nw25
  • bareminerals 
  • Milani eyeshadow quad in purple delights
  • in2it liquid liner
  • bareminerals shadow liner in bonbon
lips were form maybelline moisture extreme in light berry plus red earth park avenue

took this photo near my night light,i love how the bronzer mixed with blush looks in this photo

no frontal shot because i only did half of my face can see my right eye peeping bare hehe

on natural lighting this is how it looks like. the face makeup wasnt heavy at all i can wear this reverse thingy out with a little bit of blending,but the eyes..hmm nah...hehe.

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just attended an event made by Maybelline,Matrix and Garnier,before that did you know that yesterday(or was it the day before)the heat moved up to 40 degrees?,i over heard it on the radio,moving on.. we arrived at tiendesitas cause that was our landmark not knowing(well Mr.R atleast..hehe) that the place was on the other side of the street haha,and we have to take quite a long drive for us to make a U turn,hehe.anyway we arrived there at around 3 pm.

busy people when we arrived...

first stop,hair by MATRIX,they treated me with some Hair Spa,blow dried my hair and gave it volume.=D

this is me after my hair treatment,i love the serum that they used on my hair, its the MATRIX Biolage Smooth Therapie Serum,will definitely purchase one as soon as i emptied my Proclaim bottle,i love how it made my hair soft,plus,i just love how my hair smells after.I saw Shen while my hair was getting pampered.=D.

next stop.... Makeup!!,i passed the nail treatments cause i already have them done the day after,Maybelline's Color Artists(left to right) Jim Ros,Harold Santos and Archie Tolentino

Harold Santos was the one who glammed me up,he used this product from garnier as a face primer/base,im starting to like garnier,i am currently using their eye roll on and acne spot treatment gel.

before the makeup =D,i just love their lighted mirror..this was the second time that someone did my makeup for me..the first time was when i was in gradeschool.... *winks*

almost there,i love how he fixed my brows,they are a living proof of disaster,(i remember harold said "Sino Ba Gumawa ng Brows Mo?") hehe,cause i have some bald patches in my brows.

Lips,by Maybelline ColorSensational Nude.

and wallah!~the finished and revamped me!i like it !,my skin looks Doll like,twas flawless,the way he applied my foundation was just Love,i have never worn this kind of heavy makeup,but i liked it,great for special occasions,the thing is even if its heavy,it did not look that way and neither cakey.

The foundation that he used was Angelfit Liquid Foundation apricot sand.

the snack bar..after i finished my pampering i took some photo's and chatted with Shen and Nikki

this was supposed to be a stolen shot lol hehe

Here's Jim Ros glamming up Shen..Just want to say a BIG THANKS JIM! for the invite. =D

and in the middle of Shen's makeup we took this photo since i have to bid them farewell,hehe.

Me and Nikki before her Makeup,hehe,its nice to have finally met them in person,both of them have this jolly vibes,plus they're very easy to talk to.

The lovely Ms.Trisha Chua,Maybellines Product Manager,i also got the chance to talk to Ms Katrina A. Villanueva from  L'oreal but my camera's battery went empty,nevertheless she's one pretty lady,at first i was a wee bit shy,but they were both so nice,so i manage to untight easily

natural lighting,just parked home

right after we got home..ill try garnier complete tomorrow,since it held up my makeup quite nice,considering how hot and humid it was..over all it was a fun hot day,lots of pretty ladies,and they definitely got pampered.

Just want to say thanks to the lovely persons that i met there,it was definitely a fab fresn and fun event.

don't you just love it when you get to meet new people~xoxo
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How To:Being A Mom/Keeper..keeping the Cool amidst the Confusion

Thursday, April 22, 2010
my life looks great but its not easy,well most of us knew that and found that out ourselves,i became a mom/keeper at an early age,for me it was like an emotional roller coaster ride..theres a lot of what if's,i really didnt know what to do,what will happen to me,my social life,my studies,my everything,then i came to realize that i should stop thinking about MYSELF and start noticing all the blessings that i am actually receiving despite all the unplanned events,anyway its not really that hard,i mean how can it be when you are holding one near you...all the love that i could ever have,smiling crying and even throwing up milk in such a small body..

Look how young i was haha,lil r was just about a few months old in this photo,how can someone be so hateful about what she had become when you are holding an angel

i remember when he first walked without any one holding him,we were at the beach..he was wiggling at first but every time he fell he always finds the strength to stand up,and run back into my arms.

i know moms like me feel the same way as i do whenever i see my baby crying,sick,burning with fever..i almost always want to cry myself,wishing that i could take all the pain by myself.

theres never a dull moment in my life,although theres a lot of planning that i still need to accomplish,i now have every reason to pursue my goal...the bond between a mother and her child is very unique,something that is unexplainable,i bet you daddies out there wonder why we understand them better in such ways you cant explain.

PS: not to mention the running and shouting and mind blowing exhibition that my son do.. everythings fine haha.

anyhuu heres some tips on how to keep your cool and de stress those wrinkles from female network

Believe in the power of music.

If you feel like you stress is all bottled up and ready to pop, turn on the radio or play your favorite CDwhen working, and sing along if you feel like it—it doesn’t matter if your kids think your music sucks! Don’t let them screw up your karaoke time. Go ahead and sing, or even dance along with the music. You can probably even get your kids to dance with you and redirect their energies to something fun but not chaotic. As they say, music lifts the soul, so try to use it as an alternative de-stressor for you. Who knows? If you start them young enough, your kids may learn to love the music you love—plus, you’ll be creating special memories they’ll associate with the old “standards.”

Call a friend and vent!

When was the last time you called a friend just to chat? Perhaps it’s time to catch up with your high school or college barkada or at least vent to someone when you find your kids come close to driving you bonkers. Your friend may help you find that positive vibe that’s been buried under the stress by helping you look at the bright or funny side of your situation or offering you advice for dealing with your kids’ unflagging energy or never-ending drama.

Grab a snack.

Though most moms watch their weight after giving birth, enjoying a piece of your favorite dark chocolate or a small serving of ice cream can make you feel better when you’re having a bad day at home. Scientific findings back the idea that chocolate actually improves your mood—why don’t you prove it for yourself?

Just breathe and smile!
When all else fails, get out of the house, close your eyes, and just breathe in and out for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised at how this can release the tension and stress that piles up during the day. Afterward, go back inside your home and settle the chaotic world around you, feeling a little more clear-headed than before.

It’s also a great idea to look at the lighter side of things. As Bill Cosby used to say, kids say the darnedest things! While you might not want to reinforce cheeky behavior in your child, you can find time alone after an incident to remember your kid’s irreverent actions and laugh about it. According to FN’s article on the health benefits of happinessyour body releases endorphins whenever you smile, and endorphins help decrease stress. Laughter also achieves the same effect by releasing serotonin.

Don’t worry, be happy!

Moms are often the hearts of the household. Thus, if you’re stressed and disorganized, it’s often just a step away from your home turn stress-inducing and disorganized as well. Don’t forget to look out for yourselfand keep your energy and happiness levels up. A sluggish mom can create a sluggish household—and a happy mom can also create an equally happy household. So take time to breathe, smile, read a book, do yoga—in short, don’t stop taking care of yourself just because you’re too busy with your daily duties as a mom.Find and maintain your mommy Zen, practice it holistically, and very soon your kids, your home, and the rest of your life will begin to reflect some of that calm and order—and being a mom will become that much more fun!

Make time for yourself every morning.
Wake up way earlier than your kids do, though of course without depriving yourself of restful sleep. Walk around your garden (if you have one) and breathe in some fresh morning air. Try practicingmeditation or yoga to calm your mind and body. Taking some time for yourself every morning can give you a better perspective when dealing with stress at home later in the day.

Teach your kids to be independent—delegate!

Feeling like you have to do everything yourself just to get things done right, is a sure path to Stressville. Ease up on those perfectionist reins and help your kids learn to help themselves. Assign themhousehold duties so they’ll learn, little by little, to manage on their own. When they come to you for help with small things, such as homework or chores, don’t do the work for them—teach them how to do it themselves so they eventually learn to be independent. Think about it this way: if they’re not asking you to do things they can do themselves, you’ll have more time to do the tasks that they can’t or shouldn’t manage on their own.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you have other family members around, enlist their assistance with looking after the kids or with other household tasks. If you try to do it all yourself, you may end up dropping from exhaustion. Learn from celebrity mom Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworksi, who encourages her kids to be independent—but takes an active role in their lives so they know they can depend on her.
Don’t meddle.

Frequently, when children argue, neither party is willing to listen or compromise. Don’t immediately jump in to play the middle-mom (pun intended). Let them learn how to settle things on their own; just be present to make sure things don’t get out of hand. While it’s good to be a hands-on disciplinarian, your kids will learn to compromise better if you let them muddle their way into finding a middle ground between themselves rather than having you lay down the law for them. Remember, you won’t be able to fix their problems when they grow up; it’s best to let them learn to do it themselves early on. 

have a nice day ladies
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