Product Review:Skinfood Black Sesame

Sunday, March 07, 2010
been using this one,once a week for 3 weeks now

Site Description:
Cleanse face, apply appropriate amount of mask to your moist face and massage it smoothly and avoiding the eye area. Rinse it away with lukewarm water 3 - 5 minutes later

Using natural ingredients of black sesame to provide a steam effect. Deeply cleanse pores for a clean, smooth and refresh feeling

this is what the hot mask looks like,it has tiny granules that melts or breaks as you massage it to your face..i love the smell i think it smells like Hopia...

early morning face hehe.see my racoon eyes..mascara smudges i did not removed them last night....yeah i forgot hehe.

see how many comodones i have on my nose..icky right?i just washed my face by the way.

when its still damp i massage it evenly,especially on my nose area, which contains tons of keratinized substance hehe.see how the black tinged mask disappears as i massage it on my face..

it will leave your skin somewhat warm within a few seconds.

after 3-6 mins i wash it off with warm water and here is what my skin looks after... squeaky clean,and smoother.

for me it made some of my comodones surfaced,its easier for me to extract them after using this mask

OverAll: Its an Ok mask to use,but im liking my Black sugar mask than this one,but for you guys who suffers from deep rooted comodones i think this mask will do..

But as i have said on my past posts...dont take my word on just yet,try it for yourself since my skin condition is different from you guys,its a good product but i prefer some other mask,try buying or looking for samples first to see if it'll suit you. =D

thats it for me thanks for visiting xoxo.ill be MIA for quite a while i need to start my review for the local boards but i still have some draft post on my blog so ill use that to update,,wish me luck guys and pls pray for me hehe.LOVE YOU!!! take care godbless

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Jing said...

nice review shob.

im currently looking some masks, anything basta black. haha.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

thanks jing try skinfood black sugar hehe its dark brown,you love black masks talaga haha

Anonymous said...

Hi. you're an aztec user rin right? saw it at female network. so which is the best mask you've used? is it aztec with acv?

Camille(SHOBE) said...

hello anonymous yes i am,the best mask ive tried so far is the Aztec and ACV combo,its my emergency mask whenever i have break outs,the other mask was just a maintenance mask,if i want to feel refresh,or just want to exfoliate.

Anonymous said...

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