hello ladies here's another video tutorial for you guys,i used my Milani Wild Violets palette and same as my earthly delights palette im loving this one as well.!Most of the products that I used were from my homemade post..yey.

here is the finished eyes...

i am breaking out..my skin's not at its best condition so yeah you'll see some pimple marks somewhere in this vid..haha.hope you like it

finished look:

products used:
  • home made green base;
  • home made yellow color corrector
  • home made bronzy tinged highlighter
  • maybelline mineral foundation in shell beige
  • loreals peaches and harmony blush
  • home made pink tinged highlighter
  • revlon colorstay mineral foundation
  • home made lipgloss

face video:

more shots:cam whore

i mixed my DIY bronzy highlighter on my foundation..love it!!,semi matte summer glow ,the pink highlighter did accentuate my features,look at my cupids bow...=D

this look can be worn during the day...nice combos with the green liners..the falsies that i used had some white seams on the band..i cant seem to hide them haha

so thats it ladies thanks for visiting and i hope you liked this look~ xoxo have a nice day.

5 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Bea said...

yay! Love the purple shadow on you sis! :)

Bea said...

Sis shobe! Im selling beauty diary masks. :) Come check out my site, modisch.multiply.com

locke said...

lovely :) the colors are well blended with each other and you really have pretty eyes :)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

bea-thanks bea,ill check out your site for the mask thanks again

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

locke-thanks locke,practice makes perfect but since nobody is perfect why practice right haha..purple is love.

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