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Thursday, March 18, 2010
hello ladies found this article about a girls guide to SPF,since its summer i think this would help us a lot ^_^ keep those skins protected read on~

First things first: How much and how often?

You should use at least a half teaspoon of sunscreen on your face and an ounce (think of how much would fit in a shot glass) on your body. Rub it on all exposed areas of the body until it disappears into your skin. Remember often forgotten parts—the ears, the back of the neck, hands, and legs.

It’s advisable to apply at least thirty minutes before you’re exposed to sunlight and reapply every two hours if you’re staying in the sun—more often if you go in for a dip or play a good round of beach football.

Next, what's with the numbers?

To explain that, we have to begin with the sun: it radiates ultraviolet or UV light, of which there are two kinds which reach the earth—UVA and UVB. Sun block either creates a thin film to filter the UV light or absorbs the rays before they can do any harm.

SPF refers to Sun Protection Factor, which is a measurement of UVB protection. There is no standard system to measure UVA protection, so choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect you from both. Contrary to popular knowledge, the numbers don’t indicate how much time you can spend under the sun. SPF 15 filters roughly 93 percent of UVB rays, and SPF 30 about 97. So it’s more important to reapply every two hours than to get a higher SPF.

Also, whatever the packaging may say, there is no waterproof, sweat-proof, or all-day sunscreen—exposure to water, sweat, or even your beach towel will always lower the effectiveness of your sunscreen, so just take the time to reapply your sunscreen. Also, unless you stay indoors and keep away from windows, you can't completely block out all the sun's rays.

Can I wear makeup with sunscreen?

Being able to wear makeup with your sunscreen depends on how well your makeup and skincare products mix with each other. When exposing yourself to sun and humidity, go for lighter formulas so they don’t melt off your face. Apply products from the thinnest to the thickest consistency, and allow some time in between each product.

You can always opt to use moisturizers with SPF. Also, mineral makeup has some sun protection abilities—but because the amount you apply varies, you should still have a separate sunscreen. Note that there are some sunscreen formulations that may leave a grayish cast on your skin, so make sure to test drive facial sunscreen before committing to a particular product.

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Vanilla said...

thanks for sharing!hehe
spf thingie has been so confusing!:)

Jing said...

when we had our beach trip, i put on tons of sunblock! its good ha. i didnt have any sunburn or major peeling. we used the spf 50+ from neutrogena.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your review. Nice information! Your content unique and meaningful about it. You doing very well job!.

Golden said...

Wow! Nice tips! I really hate the sun. Aside from making me darker (yes, I'm one of those Filipinas who adore a lighter complexion. Hehe), it speeds up the aging of our skin. That's why I always make sure that the moisturizer I use is loaded with spf. I also religiously bring an umbrella with me. :)

Lots of love,

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

nice post! i think sunscreen is really important too. i wear it on my face everyday throughout the year, even in winter! it's definitely important to keep our skin protected :) these are some great tips! xx

PopBlush said...

great sun protection tips!! Sometimes I have trouble with makeup not absorbing becuase my sunscreen is too thick and oily =( So humid days, I would only apply a pressed powder foundation =)
Thanks for visiting my blog~ xo

Camille(SHOBE) said...

vanilla-no problem dear always happy to share

Jing- i always do that too,hehe great to be protected

Camille(SHOBE) said...

golden-when i saw fine lines under my eyes and forehead,nagworry na ako hehe kaya i always wear sunscreen

anita-that is true.hehe,they say that you should have atleast spf15 even if youre inside the house

PopBlush-Oh no just do the 7 dots method dont apply it too thick cause it might clog your pores or too thin cause it will be useless

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