Fun Time at the Maybelline Prom Tour

Saturday, March 13, 2010
good day ladies,yesterday we went on a little road trip to pasig for Maybelline's Prom Tour,it was actually fun,i never went to my prom cause i find wearing gowns too girly plus i hate wearing heels,but seeing those teens strut their dress' made me changed my mind...well not about the heels....anyway scroll down to see the makeovers.

venue was at the crowne plaza..i finally visited saizen by the way hehe,since the hotel and galleria was connected,we decided to drop by.

makeover #1...her skin type is oily,sensitive,unevened skintone and she has some acne on her face and chest as well as acne scars..


since she's pretty to start with i just did a simple eyelook on her cute chinky eyes,cause i dont want the look to be strong,just a sweet simple glam look..i forgot to apply some shadows on her lower lashes hehe.

next stop for her is her hair^_^.

before-skin type oily,minor flaws,wants to have a night look

her skin was actually good,this was the first time i groomed someone else's brows..
most of the time i like to use a not so light shade of foundation on oily type people cause they tend to oxidize after a few mins or hours.(okay dont mind my wasted look,it was so hot and see how my face' oils and sweat dances in harmony hehe)

and here i am at the crowne plaza waiting for someone in need of touch ups.

getting too fat again hehe..the sexyness MUA,Left-Ms.Allen,Middle-her sister and me,not included in this photo Ms arlene.

thanks for visiting ladies have a nice day i love makeovers!^_^xoxo

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Mrs. Kolca said...

wow cool! ang cute mo sa booth mo sis.. punta ako minsan tapos make-over mo'ko.. hehe.. i dunno how to put on make up eh.. lol!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

Mrs.Kolca.thanks sis!!hehe,naaliw kasi ako sa chair eh comfy.twas really fun,seeing all those teens super bonggang gown and heels

Golden said...

Wow! Kudos sis. You really did a good job with the girl's makeup. :)

Lots of love,

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