LBB's New Products for the Week~

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
this week i received and got myself a few knick knacks..i know i said that i find mac expensive but i like how unique some of their shades and product is..and i did not bought it at such wallet breaking price too well atleast some of them...again this is for all the ladies who love haul posts like me bragging aside enjoy ladies.

more after the jump..Click My Camrenrai Signature ^_^
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Look for the Day Something Dark..

Monday, March 29, 2010
Here's another look for you lovelies...something dark....but very wearable,i always want to wear something like this when i go to the mall,but today wasnt the day i guess.

Products Used:
monistat(as an eye primer)/elf duo cream shadow(blueberry)/CS black eyeshadow/mac satin era/etude house white eyeshadow/Maybelline eyestudio in black/Maybelline Cat eyes Mascara/Bare minerals Black pearl/EB brow liner

My lenses looks great with this kind of look

Everbilenas brow pencil,i like it..cause i look different when i have this on hehe...but i dont usually use this alone,i pair it up with a darker shade..

this kind of bronzer slash blush slash contouring powder is not for me..,but it kinda looks nice.

since i opted for the dark eyes,i chose a nude lipshade..NYX thalia..i really love this must get a back up.

i dont mind wearing this kind of brow makeup hehe,but not everyday though...(bra peeking =p).

gone out lately wearing something that's not in your ordinary must wear..??well planning on wearing one??
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Product Review:Cellnique Skin Sebum Gel

Thursday, March 25, 2010
For those people who likes to squeeze their blackheads just like me...noticed how the pores seems to be getting bigger and bigger as we squeeze them....i had my fair share of pot holes grown bigger..since i have oily skin its hard for me not to do the squeezing cause they tend to accumulate plus the fact that i dont have large open pores my comodones are so hard to remove..

This is a phyto bio-engineering formulation gel for all skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads on affected skin area without painful extraction. This daily maintenance gel also reduces sebum secretion, leaving the skin clear and producing smooth visible results within 10 days of application.


Controls excessive sebum
Reduces the formation of blackheads and whiteheads
Reduces skin inflammatory
Controls and prevents breakouts
Increases skin moistures and improves skin elasticity

This is what the skin sebum gel looks like,a ight weight semi transparent gel IMHO,its not as thick as the Monistat Anti Chafing Gel or the Smashbox photofinish primer who are both in gel form...The thing that i like most about this is that my skin absorbs this in an after a few seconds of putting this on i can apply my moisturizer without the icky oily serum finish that i usually get with other serums that i have tried..

Full ingredients List(click photo),..It has peppermint i love anything with peppermint,i find it refreshing,you'll feel a mentholated sensation in a few seconds or min after applying this which is great for summer...

heres the photos to show how this works on me..
The worst part other than having comodones is that when you have small clogged Pores...see those small tiny pus like heads on my nose(2nd photo)no matter how many times i extract them(which is bad) they always come back,plus i think all of my pores in my nose are congested...sadness.

My nose seems smoother in texture,blackheads were slowly disappearing...i didnt notice any drastic changes,i can still see my black heads saying hi and my white heads diving with happiness,but the texture of my nose did improved...didnt decrease my oiliness,but i dont mind it that much

i dont know if you notice the difference but yeah it works..well maybe not that much but it smoothens out the texture of my nose area,minimizes some of my pores,eliminates most if not some of my over populated comodones.

  • Improves my Nose' Texture
  • Minimizes Pores
  • Eliminates most of my Blackheads and whiteheads
  • Doesnt Sting
  • Love the Peppermint Scent
  • Refreshing Mentholated after Feel
  • Absorbs Quickly

  • The Price(but considering how it works well i wouldnt mind)
  • Didnt reduce my oiliness
  • for me the 30ml size is a little tad small soo greedy..well i like it thats why.

You can purchase this at 
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Ask me anything in Form Spring me

Form Spring me ask me anything: *wink*
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Product Review:Kryolan Invisible Matt

Monday, March 22, 2010
Primers...are they really that important...well i am one of those people who doesn't use primer that much even though i have an oily clogs my pores(due to its silicone content) but if you can find one that doesn't contain silicone plus it works for you then that's fine,but since i am one curious gal in search of a good primer that can or may control my oiliness i got the KryolanInvisible Matt:

From Kryolans Site* Description of the Kryolan Invisible matt plus SPF..(Mine Doesnt have SPF)
this retails for 800php
Invisible Matt Plus SPF is the perfect matting product for the unvarnished face. It specially emphasizes the natural look. Invisible Matt Plus SPF reduces the greasy appearance andsmoothes the skin. Invisible Matt Plus SPF can also be used as base for different make-up products. Due to synergy effects the durability of a make-up can be intensified. The incorporated SPF protects the skin from the damaging UV-B radiation.

It looks like the ancient Chinese face cream that i once saw when i was a kiddo....the cream is kinda sticky when applied but goes off after a min or so...a little goes a long way,this cream should be applied thinly

Ingredients....Click the photo...doesnt contain i right?hehe.

me wearing the invisible matt before we went out...sorry for the unseemly peace sign..

after 4-5 may not look like it but it didnt mattify my face..well maybe because i sweat on my face too...gross right...hehe.but it didnt looked greasy,it gave me this dewy no makeup look effect,my makeup did not rub out totally but it did fade..

another one.... fresh shot..i dont think that this is a good mattifier for me...though makeup seems to last longer than expected when i use this..

after 6-7 hours..we got home at around 11pm.i was out in the field(not a battle field Lol) no shed no fan no retouch,i did use a blotting sheet completely gone at the end of the day...haha..(New Skin Care Routine Post after This)


This is just a So So Primer for didnt work on my Uber Oily Face...that's how oily i am,Plus the sweat...
Though it did not broke me out,it did not serve its purpose on me either,It did not mattify my face completely but Makeup somehow managed to last long when i have this on.Ill give this One another go and will update this post..But if you like to buy this thing off of me then just let me know hehe.
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Graduation Makeup-Makeover

helloooo ladies~so this morning i was in my friends house for her graduation,she asked me to do her makeup and so i did,..Smile Schell love yah grats to all.

Before~all those sleepless nights..

after~...she's very pretty even without makeup,did not put anything too intense since this is supposed to be a day wear,plus taken into consideration our not so healthy weather...Its Freakin Hot Outside!!hehe.

If only that dress will fit me hmm haha.

Be sure to wear sunscreens,even the lowest Spf if you dont want to have that white cast on your photos..If you need coverage dont slap it all at once try layering..

her Smokin Purplish eyes.i forgot my eyebrow blade..hehe

i tried curling her hair with a flat iron,but we ran out of time to curl it properly..

She reminds me of Kristine Reyes...Nakanangtuts(just an expression of mine)...hehe.

Over all i had fun,like i always do...hope she likes it.. *winks* and hope you like it as well.*winksx2*
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How to:Our Guide to Sun Protection..a.k.a SPF

Thursday, March 18, 2010
hello ladies found this article about a girls guide to SPF,since its summer i think this would help us a lot ^_^ keep those skins protected read on~

First things first: How much and how often?

You should use at least a half teaspoon of sunscreen on your face and an ounce (think of how much would fit in a shot glass) on your body. Rub it on all exposed areas of the body until it disappears into your skin. Remember often forgotten parts—the ears, the back of the neck, hands, and legs.

It’s advisable to apply at least thirty minutes before you’re exposed to sunlight and reapply every two hours if you’re staying in the sun—more often if you go in for a dip or play a good round of beach football.

Next, what's with the numbers?

To explain that, we have to begin with the sun: it radiates ultraviolet or UV light, of which there are two kinds which reach the earth—UVA and UVB. Sun block either creates a thin film to filter the UV light or absorbs the rays before they can do any harm.

SPF refers to Sun Protection Factor, which is a measurement of UVB protection. There is no standard system to measure UVA protection, so choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect you from both. Contrary to popular knowledge, the numbers don’t indicate how much time you can spend under the sun. SPF 15 filters roughly 93 percent of UVB rays, and SPF 30 about 97. So it’s more important to reapply every two hours than to get a higher SPF.

Also, whatever the packaging may say, there is no waterproof, sweat-proof, or all-day sunscreen—exposure to water, sweat, or even your beach towel will always lower the effectiveness of your sunscreen, so just take the time to reapply your sunscreen. Also, unless you stay indoors and keep away from windows, you can't completely block out all the sun's rays.

Can I wear makeup with sunscreen?

Being able to wear makeup with your sunscreen depends on how well your makeup and skincare products mix with each other. When exposing yourself to sun and humidity, go for lighter formulas so they don’t melt off your face. Apply products from the thinnest to the thickest consistency, and allow some time in between each product.

You can always opt to use moisturizers with SPF. Also, mineral makeup has some sun protection abilities—but because the amount you apply varies, you should still have a separate sunscreen. Note that there are some sunscreen formulations that may leave a grayish cast on your skin, so make sure to test drive facial sunscreen before committing to a particular product.

more of this on
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Product Review:Cargo Topeka Blush

Monday, March 15, 2010
since its summer i want to show you ladies my favorite blush for this kind of season...Actually i prefer not to wear makeup in these kind of season since the heat will definitely melt my makeup as soon as i get out of the shade(lol)

Cargo Topeka Blush

soft, pressed blush that smooths easily onto the apples of cheeks, cheekbones, or anywhere else you want to highlight and define. Topeka is a gentle, warm rosy-bronze shade.

Sheer blendable and natural looking cargo blushes are used professionally on the sets of TV and film,the wide surface make them easy to use with large blush brushes allowing for an even application of the product

it looks like a bronzer on the photo..its shade is actually a soft pink with a bronzy effect..if that makes any sense.

here is a comparison with the mac x rocks blush.the cargo pan will definitely last me a long time...

on my skin...bottom left--mac x rocks...upper right cargo topeka..see how pretty it is on nc25-ish skin..

soft nude pinkish shade with bronzy kind of glow...that's the best explanation i can give you hehe.

cargo topeka blush on my cheeks,1 brush dip..see how pigmeted the blush is.

closer out a golden sheen.

cargo topeka blush on top of maybelline's sheer blush.

that's that ladies thanks for visiting have a nice day love yah.
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Fun Time at the Maybelline Prom Tour

Saturday, March 13, 2010
good day ladies,yesterday we went on a little road trip to pasig for Maybelline's Prom Tour,it was actually fun,i never went to my prom cause i find wearing gowns too girly plus i hate wearing heels,but seeing those teens strut their dress' made me changed my mind...well not about the heels....anyway scroll down to see the makeovers.

venue was at the crowne plaza..i finally visited saizen by the way hehe,since the hotel and galleria was connected,we decided to drop by.

makeover #1...her skin type is oily,sensitive,unevened skintone and she has some acne on her face and chest as well as acne scars..


since she's pretty to start with i just did a simple eyelook on her cute chinky eyes,cause i dont want the look to be strong,just a sweet simple glam look..i forgot to apply some shadows on her lower lashes hehe.

next stop for her is her hair^_^.

before-skin type oily,minor flaws,wants to have a night look

her skin was actually good,this was the first time i groomed someone else's brows..
most of the time i like to use a not so light shade of foundation on oily type people cause they tend to oxidize after a few mins or hours.(okay dont mind my wasted look,it was so hot and see how my face' oils and sweat dances in harmony hehe)

and here i am at the crowne plaza waiting for someone in need of touch ups.

getting too fat again hehe..the sexyness MUA,Left-Ms.Allen,Middle-her sister and me,not included in this photo Ms arlene.

thanks for visiting ladies have a nice day i love makeovers!^_^xoxo
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Haul:New Skin Care Products(clinique,cellnique,SF)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Here i am again for another haul post,this haul is exclusively for my skin benefits..since its summer my must have is either a moisturizer and a sunblock..or lots of water...but since i dot get to protect my skin with only water i tend to do both!

cellnique products-Skin gel action plus/Skin purifying daytime protection 20/Skin Action Sebum excited to try their skin action sebum gel since it is one of their best selling products,i do need it for my nasty black heads,and overstimulated oil production hehe./and a sample of advanced bio renewal mask.

Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask wash Off and Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30 daily moisturizer..i dont plan to use this two just yet since i still have the black sesame hot mask and the neutrogena healthy skin enhancer SPF 30 that i am currently using.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3 and Clinique Dramatically Differet Moisturizing soon as i finish my Neutrogena Moisture SPF15 moisturizer im going to try the DDMG with the Clarifying son accidentally spilled the clarifying lotion,good thing it was on a cup hehe.

im hooking up with skincare products now a days...cant wait to try them.
Now here is my son's latest Pacute posing haha..i love him so much..he's getting so big and everyday he's making me prouder and prouder to be his mom.

thanks for visiting ladies have a nice day,Just a friendly reminder..dont forget to slap some moisturizer and sunblock to protect yourself,prevention is better than cure guys. love yah!

edited-someone asked me where did i bought the clinique,just got it at a seller but you can buy it on shangrila mall or gateway ,thats the only mall i knew that carries clinique
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