Product Review:Skin MD Natural Face Hand and Body Shielding Lotion(photos included)

Saturday, February 13, 2010
(photos on this post were unaccessible to i had to change them.but the review content is still the same)

Remember my Skin MD Lotion that i got,most of you prolly know that when i do reviews i must test them first in a span of a month or so,and I've been using this as a face moisturizer for quite some time now and frankly i was afraid to use it on my face cause it might be too strong since this is also a body and hand moisturizer..but i was see im a moisturizer lover..especially facial moisturizers,since i noticed that when i moisturize it does something that lessens the oil production on my face,that is why i adore moisturizers,but im quite finicky when it comes to one,i don't like those with greasy feeling,and heavy scent...and SkinMD is not one of them.

Cost: 18$ for 120 ml/4oz on SkinMD's Site:(link to their site)

Skin MD Natural is a shielding lotion, a very special type of lotion helping the skin restore its integrity, enhance its protective functions so that the skin is able to heal naturally and regain its youthful appearance. Skin MD Natural works by bonding with cells of the skin's outermost layer to form what works as an invisible shield. This layer of protection prevents environmental irritants and pollutants from penetrating the skin, while sealing in the skin's own natural oils and moisture, helping resolve the dry skin condition.
Skin MD Natural uses only the finest natural ingredients, and is focused on urging the skin to be active, and to use its own moisture to effectively heal itself. It is not oily or sticky, doesn't sit on top of your skin leaving a greasy residue on everything you touch, it doesn't rub or wash off easily, is hypoallergenic, fragrance, colorant and paraben free and dermatology tested.
It's for Moms, Dads and Kids of all ages.
It's an easy, safe and natural way to care for your skin throughout the day.
Every day.

direction and description.. contains dimethicone,hence the smooth smashbox photofinish like primer finish that i felt after the application,its dermatology tested,fragrance and colorant free which i like and hypoallergenic..but it doesn't indicate that its non comodogenic,but i have seen that a doctor's review on their site stated that it is indeed non comodogenic,or it doesn't clogs pores

here is the product,i like to dot it on my forehead,cheeks,chin and nose,then my neck area,this amount will cover most of them.
see that translucent lotion on my skin..maybe just maybe its the dimethicone that is locking the moisture inside,since its a form of silicone right,same principle as our primers with dimethicone it serves as a barrier between our face oil and makeup so that it wont fade or melt,this one it locks and shields the moisture in ,so that it remains inside,while the irritants remains outside...well that's just how i understood why it contains dimethicone..correct me if im wrong pls.

after i blend it all out...i let it sink in for up to 5 mins before i apply my makeup i usually do that on every moisturizer that i use,but on this one its like an express when it comes to absorption,you dont have to wait 5 mins long..that's just how i do it.
after 5 mins.. all dried up my skin feels so smooth after,so smooth that after my husband touched my face he also applied it to himself haha.

then i skipped my SANA Nameraka Honpo Essence and applied the Skin MD natural instead before i sleep for about a week,here's the latest photo of me after i woke up with Skin MD as my night moisturizer.

so Fluffy,smooth,my skin is indeed moisturized.mind you i was flaking the other night.

close up...don't mind my lip hairs hehe..i like the Skin MD natural,i think ill use this as my special moisturizer,specially on those times that I'm flaking,or my skin is acting up with pop outs.since this is not locally available here in my country ill save this one to last hehe.


  • Its a Face Hand and Body lotion,3 in 1 purpose
  • No Sticky,greasy Feeling at all
  • face feels soft and smooth right after application
  • A little Goes A long way.
  • Absorbs quickly by my Skin
  • Skin feels moisturized and it doesn't feel heavy on the face,very light weight.
  • Did Not Broke me out.(yey!)
  • Lessens the oiliness of my face
  • Good for everyday use.


  • Not Locally Available in my country.
  • If your super allergic to dimethicone or any of the ingredients,obviously this is not for you.
Repurchase?i will if i can find one here on my country hahaha.why am i laughing boohoo

so thats it for me thanks for visiting guys,and FYI i made this post out of my experience on the product true to my word,honestly explained.
Oh and i also used this on my feet cause i have a nasty looking callouses and it did great as well,ill soon post my nasty feet as soon as it gets some pampering hehe xiao

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

abby said...

wow, it really improved your already beautiful skin. thanks for the intensive review. i am wishing hard to win this Skin MD on twinsouls's giveaway. Your review on makes me salivate for it. hehehe =p and oh, kung hei fat choi =)

twinsouls888 said...

I knew it girl, you're gonna love it just like I did hehe. I find it really gentle and you're right my face feels so soft after application.

Glamarazzi said...

I actually got the same thing and will be reviewing it soon hahaha took me forever. Love this post, so extensive. I'm afraid mine will not be as par. I'm glad you liked it! I loved it too! :)

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