LOTD + i dare myself to wear sleeveless...

Sunday, February 07, 2010
hello readers,yesterday me and Mr R. Went to Robinsons mall just to hang out..its been a long time since we got out without bringing lil r with us....anyway we watched The Toothfairy starring "The Rock"....well ..it was cute...i kinda liked it..but hey my tickle box is not too deep,i laugh so easily...anyway getting back to the topic heres my look for that day..

eyes.products used:
  • coastal scents 88 matte palette
  • home made base(dark toned one)
  • maybelline cats eye mascara
  • styli style chocolate brown eyeliner
  • maybelline 2-1 liner
  • styli style taupe brow liner
another shot~great for day wear..=D

got this shirt from charry's blog sale (EYECANDY),a spaghetti strapped laced padded girly girl kind of cloth...do i have the guts to bare that much skin..believe it or not ive never went out of the house wearing sleeveless before...

  • home made green base
  • Neutrogena tinted moisturizer healthy skin enhancer spf 30
  • home made pink highlighter
  • home made yellow color corrector(undereye area)
  • (no blush..saw my cheeks were flushed already...i really dont know why..maybe i massaged my face too much that my blood vessels started to dilate....haha)
how i wish my cheeks is always this pigmented...think how much money ill save for not buying any blushes.Still..look at my highlighted cheeks...i really love my home made highlighter...it gives me a natural highlight.Hope Mr R wont find this post..".oh advance happy valentines day Honey!!"(if youre reading this!)

i still wont...cause i still cant...haha..my trusty ol jacket.....i love jackets..my husband told me my style stinks..cause i paired this look with a sneakers..what can i say...im an "Unica Hija" with 3 brothers...what do you expect??" =p

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~tHiAmErE~ said...

lol at mr R

i dress how the way i want. i mean, if i want to wear a plunging neckline i will even bf would always keep on asking me to fix it.
though it's not that bad naman

i always always wear flats no matter if i am wearing a skirt, slacks & whatever.

you look hot,hun!
it's nice that you still find the time to spend alone with mr R. it will strengthen your relationship more.

have a great week,sweetie!

Askmewhats said...

Just like you, I am scared of sleeveless years ago, I guess I grew old and tell myself "Who cares?" hahaha I'm sure you'll look wonderful! :)

Oh yeah, I watched toothfairy 2x! :) hehehe I like it!

CHARRY said...

It looks good on you :)

Khymm said...

LOL di na din ako pala sleeveless ngayon! cute naman yung outfit mo ah! depende talaga sa padadala..

Vanilla said...

wow ur EOTD rocks!!
and i envy ur cheek is naturally blushed!!

Soapaholic said...

You look gorgeous! I love your hair color!

maviclicious said...

shobe, our style is the same, hehe, it's good to know that I have someone the same as me, I don't dare to wear sleeves clothes either... and I always wear slippers and sneaker cuz their comfy.. I really like your makeup.. ♥

maviclicious said...

shobe, Our fashion sense are the same,hehe, It's nice to know that someone kinda think, act and dresses like me. I don't like wearing sleeves either, but I'm very fond of buying clothes like that,They look so cute kasi, although I'm learning to change my style, like wearing casual dresses. But I do love to wear plane old tees and sneakers too. Love your neutral makeup..♥

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