How to:Home Made Cream Bases + Explanations(swatches,comaparison)

Friday, February 05, 2010
hello ladies here's a small explanation on the DIY eyeshadow cream/gel bases,highlighters,and color correctors.
elf comparison and swatches

the eyeshadow cram/gel bases

i added some monistat gel since it contains dimethicone so it wont crease so easily,and it made the concoction viscous.But you should apply your medium first(moisturizer,vaseline etc) then mix it with the pigment,before the monistat cause it will make it too powdery and hard to mix if you mix the pigment with monistat first...

shadow base swatches

rubbed 4 times with water...i first let it dry before doing so.

i used my estee lauder sheer eyeshadows on top of my cream bases..

my eyeshadow base after 6 hours on my lids..i used my monistat as my primer.went to the mall and my moms house with lil r of course

here's another swatch of the brown eye base topped with an orange eyeshadow,the swatch below is when i rubbed it a few times with a cloth.

for the face color correctors:

the green base.,everyday minerals mint concealer mixed with leyende face canvas..smells nice!!haha

Ocean mist color corrector saffron.mixed with my daily moisturizer..

the swatches-pink highlighter,bronze highlighter,green base

im proud to say that i made this babies..all by myself..(sounds icky....)hahaha.

thanks for visiting xoxo

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Khymm said...

they look so creamy! please post a tut shobe hehe..

Tish said...

I should try this really!!!!

GirL With GLasSes... said...

dahil sa post na ito naalala ko bibili ng ellana green concealer.

this is a nice tutorial!
where can i buy monistat?
meron ba dito sa mga mall?

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

khymm- okay khymm.creamy nga sila,i find the quality better than elf ones

tish-im happy you find this interesting hehe mwuah

jing-jing yung mother in law ko nagpadala nito eh,nakita ko na pwedeng primer kaya kinuha ko yung iba ahaha.ito talaga gamit ko na eye primer ever since,di naman nasasaktan eyes ko,di ako mahilig sa silicone primer sa face,=D..di pa siya available sa mall..pero nasa 500 siya pag resellers

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