Suesh' Showroom Plus Haagen-Dazs

Saturday, January 23, 2010

hi ladies,I've been meaning to visit suesh' showroom for the longest time,and now im happy to say that I've been there...finally!!

cute logo!!

individual brush shelf~the brushes that caught my eyes were their bullet brush,smudger brush,angled crease brush and stippling brush...they do carry a great line of brushes and i can tell that the quality's really great,their full and soft knowing the fact that these babies were mostly made out of animal hair..i so want to get their 10 pc and 16 pc set

they do sell cosmetics namely from the brand of Nyx,T'estimo,OCC,Benefit,Graftobian etc.

the place was really nice,classy touches of purples on every side.We so Love their Chandelier..most especially the lady im with.

And their train cases?well all that i can say is that..pearl cant keep her hands off of them..well i guess me too..caught red handed haha.

Ms.Sheryll,the lady who assisted us was very nice and charming,we stayed there for more than an hour and she did not mind it at all,she answered every questions that pops out of our mouth..we did met some makeup enthusiast there from CAS and boy they were nice as well,i was kinda eavesdropping on their conversation about makeups who's and whats..=D.

after that we went straight for a dessert...yummy haagen dazs ice cream...we cant decide which flavor to pick,the good thing was that they gave us some free taste...yey...

i ended up with this delicious scrumptious cappuccino truffle and pearl with macadamia

mine's half empty haha.

ooohh oily oily poofffy..

that's it ladies thanks for visiting and have a nice day godbless xoxo

4 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Kay said...

super chic! i want to have a room like that as a vanity boudoir!

what did u buy from them sis?

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hello kay we just bouught their cotton pads lipbrush and some nyx lippies,we wanted to see their traincase cause the person im with wants to have one

Chrissy said...

WOW. Where's the Suesh showroom? I wanna go!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I thought the haagen daaz ice cream selection was a makeup palette until I read further down!

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