hello there people~this is my newest and freshest entry for this year!.HAPPY NEW YEAR again to all of you guys,i was i my mom's house so i wasnt able to post a formal greeting,anyway we had so much fun!!so for this post i made a look suited for night wear,very sexy not really smoky(??!!) eye look..

items used:
  • mad minerals morganite
  • mad minerals chocolate grapes
  • mad minerals topaz sun
  • bareminerals black pearl
  • etude house white eyeshadow
  • maybelline 2in1 impact eyeliner
  • sanpo eyeshadow pigment(forgot the brand name)

down gaze~see how good the black pearl pigment was,it kinda gives my eyeshadow a purplish translucent glimmer.

noticed most of the items that i used were mineral pigments~.=D.very sultry and sexy,you can wear this during the day but its a little bit eye catchy.

VIDEO~pls do enjoy~ hehe


pardon my look no face makeup yet.im loving the mascara that im currenlty using~

my lashes were like peeping on me..hooray for inexpensive finds!!

thats it for me guys thanks for watching hope you have a wonderful year enjoy and godbless XOXO

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

sizbelle said...

i love ur eyes, seems like you can head out for party with this makeup!

Pammy said...

Shobe, what mascara did you use? :P

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@sizbelle-thanks dear,it seems so.this is a little dark for day wear.

@pammy-pams its maybelline cat eye mascara

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