Product Review:Maybelline's Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara

Thursday, January 07, 2010
how are you ladies?im here for another product review...i know my reviews were on a roll...ahah.ive been meaning to post this one but i kept on forgetting it. so now here it is..some ladies have been asking me what mascara i was using and still using for the past few days,of course i did told them but to those ladies whom ive missed this is it..

Maybelline Volume Express Cat Eyes Mascara

retails for: 429 php ( got it on sale for 300php)
Maybellines Description:
For fearless feline eyes,this mascara's exclusive spiky comb gives lashes 3x more volume and a 75 degree curl

(kindly click the photos to appreciate hehe)

bare eyelashes...

Curled(LEFT)..applied one coat of mascara(RIGHT)

The wand~(BACK)

SIDEWAYS(this is the first weird kind of wand i have ever used..i was always into comb spoolie type of wands,but this one is good)


here is my eye wearing the mascara with one coat and separated the lashes using a spoolie

two coasts and look how it lengthens my lashes...i know this photo is scary...too close kind of scary..notice the clumps?that happens a lot if you use this kind of wands,they tend to clump but that doesn't bug me since i can easily separate them,and don't apply too much mascara by the way..

sequence photos of my clump up lashes and separated lashes using a spoolie brush
top-See how many lashes were stuck together
bottom-a spoolie brush can easily separate them IF and only if you do this as soon as you've finished applying your mascara... DON'T wait for them to dry before you separate it or wont be able to do so or worst you might loose a lash or two.Believe me..I've tried hehe.

they look better when separated...Though i find them too hard when dried,it felt like as if i touch my lashes they will break into two,i noticed that if i applied it with a wiggling motion and separate them it doesn't feel that hard anymore.

and here's and eye shot of me wearing the mascara again

LEFT-not curled then i applied the still managed to somehow curl up and lengthen my lashes
RIGHT-Curled-Need i say more?

okay so i curled my lashes this morning and applied the mascara with 2 coats and a wiggling motion and separated them.see how nice they look?i applied it 3pm in the afternoon

and at 11pm...its still kicking....lashes head high and it

another shot~my cousin asked me if my lashes were fake...hehe.of course i told her...NO..i was wearing my glasses when she asked me that cause my lashes were peeping above my glasses.

  • inexpensive
  • locally available
  • lengthens
  • holds up my curls the whole day
  • volumize...hmm not that much
  • easy to use,the wand reaches my tiniest eyelash

  • It does Clump(so be sure to have a spoolie on hand or an eyelash comb to separate them while their still WET)
  • Hard to Remove...(I don't use makeup remover..)
  • Dries Hard on my lashes..(but try to wiggle it and brush the lashes it will lessen the crispness)
thats it ladies have a nice day thanks for visiting XOXO

6 Beauty Bag Lovers:

Tish said...

I'm loving this mascara so far. I just really need a good makeup remover.

Khymm said...

ganda! love the EOTD!

Askmewhats said...

I own this and I like this, you're right about the clumps, I do use a spoolie with this too!

Your EOTD looks gorgeous :)

GirL With GLasSes... said...

na miss ko tuloy yung cat eyes ko. tinapon ko na kasi last year pa yon eh.

ganda nga yan...

Geli said...

i hate crispy lashes

i bought Maybelline's unstoppable :D iz good that you like cat eye volexpress :D

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

@tish yes its hard for me to remove it since i dont use any makeup remover..well i havent tried using one pa kasi..

khymm-thanks dear khymm!!!

ms nikki-its quite hard to seperate them once their dried na ayt..hehe kaya brush brush brush but im loving the finished look to bits

jing-you should get one promise but if you dont like clumps saka mejo crisp finish niya if youre not careful on applying then go for another.their mascaras are very good worth the money talaga.

Geli-yes i do,but i might try another mascara from that same brand,since its really affordable and easy for me to get..

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