okay so I've already mentioned the color sensational lipstick from maybelline when i went to ortigas,i got this because me and my mom were two of the lucky 100 persons who joined their survey,i have the shade in Bonbon Pink,my mom got the Soft Azalea but since shesan Old Mom(well not that old)she's not into pinks as much as i do,she like nude shades,she thought she chose the nude ones,ahhh signs of aging...

anyway here's the review

Description from maybelline:
Fall in love with color all over again with NEW COLOR SENSATIONAL Moisture Extreme Lipstick. Now with crisper color from the purest pigments, and a creamier feel from nourishing hydra nectar. Enriched with SPF 15 for sun protection.

Available in 4 color collections and 20 shades.

the four color collections are Nudes,Corals,Reds and Pinks..i have 2 pink shades with me and
Price 299 php

here they are :
noticed that the packaging is different from the colorsensation in US?..well yeah we love the classy packaging that they've released in US;but Chic packaging means price increase,someone from maybelline told me that US packaging is very premium and if they launch it here they'd have to price the item higher,and since they wanted the colorsensational to be affordable for all Filipino Enthusiast,they chose to simplify the design of the packaging hence it looks a lot like their moisture extreme lipstick noh?but less the glossy exterior.as you may have noticed, the packaging is now color-coded to make shade-shopping easier for us customers

The Lippies~Bonbon and Soft Azalea.

swatches,obviously bonbon looks lighter,its a cool pink with soft purple shimmers,while soft azalea is more on the berry side of pinks but it has a softer (duh Soft Azalea) finish compared to bonbon.

on my lips:mind you I'm acidic lippies shade often changes their actual color when it hits my lips sometimes its darker there were times it lighter.

Pink BOnBon(left) Soft Azalea(right)

Pink BOnBon(left) Soft Azalea(right)

Pink BonBon swiped once~can you see the purple sheen i was talking about?or is it just me.

the color is true to their packaging,what you see is what you'll get on this one(well at least on the shades that i have)

soft azalea swiped once~this one on the other hand doesn't carry any shimmers,it gives off a muted and soft pink shade on my lips,i can build their color up if i want to,but since I'm opting for my lips but better day wear shade i opted for a safe one swipe.

see what i mean by true to their shade.

model in this photo is wearing soft azalea PC41..i dont know what's the problem with this gal over here(haha blame it on the gal)..,it doesnt look like that on my lips.

Me sporting my Love Pink BOnBon~

here's a strut of me wearing Soft azalea,on this photo i topped it off with a pink lip gloss i think its from loreal.

okay now whats the difference between Moisture Extreme and this one?
well according to my reliable resource(meaning a person from maybelline)Color Sensational is actually the renovated or improved version of Moisture Extreme. It still has our well-loved features of Moisture Extreme, but the formula is improved to have richer color, smoother texture, and more powerful moisturizers that is effective for up to 8 hours. Colorsensational also stays vibrant for a much longer time compared to the Moisture Exteme.

Whats the Difference between the Colorsensational in the US and the Colorsensational here(Philippines)?

As for the difference between Color Sensational here and in the USA , the product formula is generally the same, but they have released a unique set of shades here to match Asian skin tones,and also as what i have written on the top part of this post,the packaging differs as well.Aside from that...the formulation is completely the same.

Well My Pros And COns?
  • Pigmented indeed
  • True to their shade on the packaging
  • Moisturizes my lips( i so love my moisture extreme but im loving this one better)
  • Inexpensive and Locally available
  • The packaging doesnt bother me its nice that theyve made it affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be as sheer as you want it and as bold as you like
  • Stays for up to 8 Hours??not actually..it lasted for 3 hours on my lips..(well i like to tuck my lips maybe thats why,but even high end lipsticks tends to fade on me up to 4 hours so what the heck)

so to make everything short i kinda like it i mean i cant wait for them to release it completely this coming February!!ill definitely purchase the Nudes and corals.

so How about you?have you tried this product from maybelline if so let us hear from you guys the raves and rants..and if not February isnt far ladies.
Thanks for visiting have a nice day XOXO.

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twinsouls888 said...

tnx for the post, I love the swatch ^_^

Bea said...

hi sis! i like soft azalea:) but i want to try the shade in pink please.
and yes, the packaging is totally different from us. How much pala?

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

oops i forgot the price hehe its 299

♥ mia said...

nice lippies! they both look great, i can't decide w/c one i like better haha

Askmewhats said...

I like both and I love the lipsticks from Maybelline, not that dry and good enough for dry lips like mine :)

superchuboink said...

not yet, i wasn't able to go to their office pa eh, pero sumali din ako sa survey :)
i chose the corals eh. will swatch it pag nakuha ko na :)

lawrie said...

i have it in angel rose and peach pink. nice pink shades.

Golden said...

Good thing that you compared Color Sensational with Moisture Extreme. I love their Moisture Extreme line. It's the best lipstick I've tried so far. But if Maybelline claims that Color Sensational is an improved version of Moisture Extreme, then I should not wait any longer and buy one for myself.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I am really Glad i found this blog.Added littlebeautybag.blogspot.com to my bookmark!

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