Product Review:Maybelline's 2in1 Impact shadow Liner (BLACK)

Monday, January 04, 2010
hello guys,i just want to share a bargain that ive found,and you might have already own,but if not then dig down this post a little more..

Maybelline 2in1 impact eyeshadow liner by EYESTUDIO
EDITED:retail price is 359php (i forgot the exact amount since i got it on sale)
on maybelline's site,which i cannot fully understand since the text were written in korean,but here is what i understand:
it is a creamy shadow formula that you can smooth out without irritation,excellent color that you can draw in a speed time,can be used as an eyeshadow or liner...i think the lower part of the definition means water and sweat wouldnt clear it..Please do correct me.hehe

they have 4 different shades:BLACK,CHOCOLATE,OCEAN BLUE, and WHITE PEARL.

so this is the maybellines shadow liner's pencil have to sharpen it if the liner gets this dull,if you want to get a thin line,but even if its sharpened the pencil wont give you a pen point application,its like the Stila or UD's liner,its creamy so you really dont have to stick it or glide it that close to your lids to get a decent pigmentation.

The packaging is very nice,the first time i saw it i instantly took it and brought it to the cashier,it looks expensive,kinda reminds me of MUFE's packaging.

here are some swatches:

top:rubbed so many times i forgot the last count.middle:rubbed 5 times.bottom:rubbed once.

its the same as the photo on top of it i just wet them and rubbed them all together.

here is my eye wearing the liner as an eyeshadow..pretty nice and pigmented right?

another look wearing it on my water line and my upperlashline..if you want it to stay the whole day on that area(waterline) i suggest that you seal it off with a black eyeshadow,for me it works perfectly..and my lids are so darn oily.

this one is me wearing it as a base.

you can apply it as thick and as thin as you want,see how thin i applied it?just glide it with a light hand,sealing it with an eyeshadow will help it stay put as well,thats a must for us people with oily lids,just in case..


  • Cheap
  • Great Packaging
  • If youre not in sharpening you wouldnt want this.
  • Pigmented
  • Didnt budge on my upper lashline
  • Creamy
  • didnt tug my eyes
  • wont fade or disappear until you intend to make it so.
  • Great for smoky looks


  • You have to Sharpen it
  • Fades on my waterline (so i have to seal it)

thats it~isnt this one a steal?,i never did have any liner that i always use,until i bought this one,i love how creamy and pigmented the formula is,that is why i bought a back up..haha.i know that theres a lot of good eyeliners out there but for the price of this i'd stick to maybellines shadow liner for a little longer..i mean who doesnt want a to SAVE and great Quality results in one right?

have a nice day ladies,stay sweet XOXO godbless

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*Nehs* said...

this is one of my list to buy this 2010. :D i saw dustbunny's review about this too. how much for it nga pala? nice review shobe! <3

GirL With GLasSes... said...

shobe ganda!

kahit anong gawin ko talagang nag smudge ang eyeliner kapag nilagagay ko sa lids ko. sobrang oily kasi pwede na magprito ng maliit ng itlog

Askmewhats said...

Maybelline is definitely coming up with more great products! I love the shade, it looks natural on you :)

oOchaOo said...

this product looks promising! hehe thanks for the review :)i wish meron na nyan sa maybelline dito sa province. lagi kasing late ang products dito hehe.

thanks again for the nice review!

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

thanks ladies

achii nehs-they were on sale for almost the whole month of december...almost hehe,they were on 30 % off,yeah its my to reach liner to date love it

Jing-boo for oily lids,i have that too,but when im not exposed to the sun its quite flakey,but as soon as the sun smiled at my lids,super oily production na siya,i just have to apply an eye primer and seal the liner with an eyeshadow and it stays put.

Ms Nikki-they sure are!im actually liking maybelline especially their mascaras.

Cha-i think its already available on provinces,try it its not that expensive and its better than prestige's automatic liner,creamier and much pigmented.

Anonymous said...

hi shobe! :) thanks for reviewing our product, and it's great that you really like it. please do keep the reviews coming, kahit good or bad so we can keep on improving our products also.

@girl with glasses: i suggest you try our gel liner. super doesn't smudge talaga kahit gaano ka ka oily, promise! :D

@cha: what province ka? i'll make sure we get stocks delivered there.

btw, price is P359 :) if you need more info, just message us at thanks again!!!

Michelle Fernandez
Sr. Product Manager
Maybelline New York

Denise said...

gorgeous eye make up. am still a dummy when it comes to make up so i really love your blog.

my eyes tends to red so red whenever i have eye make up on so i can only experiment with lipstick.

any tips for me?

visit my blog sometime. See you there?

I am Denise Katipunera

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