Product Review:Mac Neo Sci-Fi X-rocks Blush

Tuesday, January 05, 2010
hi people!ive been lemming on blushes for the past weeks and i just want to share some swatches to you guys,first is the Mac X-rocks blush..

the box looks super pretty right?this is from their neo sci fi collection,that explains the neon box,i think its a limited edition.

on the pan it looks brownish,and it looks somewhat similar to sweet as cocoa,but it gives of a mauve-y pink shade,its very pigmented and gives off a very sheer sheen.

here are some swatches (pan / natural lighting/ with flash) see how pretty the shade is on my nc20 skin.(CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

on my cheeks,i just dust it with a light hand,stippled it on the pan using my costco flat bronze brush and blended it on my cheeks,tried 2 swipes and it looks too much on my skin already(not on this pic)

on natural light-see how natural it looks its not flat but its not too over powering as well.yey!.

over all i like this blush a lot it can be worn during daytime and night time you just have to work it up to add drama.though this may look muddy to some people,it gives a very pretty pink mauve on my cheeks,i think with the right tool and light hands this will do just fine or even become one of your fave blush.

have a nice day people godbles xoxo

3 Beauty Bag Lovers:

(always)alanna said...

i have this one and it is indeed limited edition. i love the shade!
and gorgeouss blogg; will definitely be back visiting soon!


been lemming for this for quite some time na. pero i have solar riche. okay nako. and i'm sooo inlove with my nars blushes. maybe if i fall out of love with my nars blushes, i'll search for this one. :p

Sugar Strip Ease Fan said...

I have a developed a liking to Mac products. They always tend to hit the look that I like. Thanks for the review. Enjoyed it.

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