great day ladies!remember my last post on fafi eye quad's the look i made using that palette,i wanted it to be wearable nothing too extravagant,just a simple night look,well i think this can be worn during daytime as well..

items used:fafi quad 2palette
Mac Paintpot Bare Study
in2it liquid eyeliner
maybelline cat eyes mascara
estee lauder green meadow pencil shadow
put (1) on the brow bone all the way down my inner lid
(2) all over the lid blending above the natural crease line
(3)starting at the inner corner of the blending it above the lid shade,meeting up with (4)
(4).applied on the outer part of the eye blending halfway up the eyes socket.

(1) bold as gold,(2)shockwave,(3) youre Fresh,(4) prankster

Funky shades but its wearable..

since its a fafi palette i opted for a baby pink lipshade..

lips:Aloe lips lipbalm,Nyx Narcissus,Loreal Strawberry Milk Lipgloss

Trying to be One of the Fafinettes..ahaha.

but im still a geek...yeah i got a new eyeglasses again..for the hmm..nth time....unknown..its currently 275 left and 300 right

now the twist...hehe.
i was bored so i gave myself a face paint..

it was supposed to be a fairy or forest pixie...but i got disturbed by my husband so...i wasnt able to do the whole look...

so again thats it for me hope you guys like the look,i also did a day look using this palette going to post it soon with a pic tut..XOXO godbless.

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Anonymous said...
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Askmewhats said...

gorgeousness ang eyes mo sis! love the makeup :D

My-My said...

Hey Shobe! so beautiful as always :D

Just wanted to let you know that I changed my URL to :) you used to follow me on Just thought I'd give you a heads up :D if you were wondering what happened. take care sweetie. ;P MUAH!

Khymm said...

ang ganda ng FAFI palette! bagay on you.. sa gT mo nabili? =)*wink* you're rocking the NArcissus lippie, pero it looks to bright on me. I'll try layering a gloss to tone down the color.. =)

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

yes sis got it from GT..a kikays place to be ahaha.i love narcissus na nga eh,it looks great if you layer it nga with a gloss,alone it can be too bright talaga.

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